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Your confidence can’t always be counted on to be there when you need it. Sometimes things happen in life that make you start to doubt yourself and your abilities. Like a vicious cycle the belief that you lack confidence rules and fuels your mindset. Your behaviour then mirrors this belief, until lack of confidence becomes a self perpetuating reality. But be encouraged it doesn’t have to be or stay this way.

Your confidence has slipped away,
When it left you could not say.
It might have snuck out the back door,
When you weren’t looking anymore.
It must have gone without a word,
For you’re quite certain you’d have heard.
If it had stopped to let you know,
It felt it really had to go.
You’d have cried out ‘Please, please stay,
I need your help throughout each day.’


Lack of confidenceBut perhaps it hasn’t gone at all,
And simply had a nasty fall.
It may be lying somewhere broken,
Silently with words unspoken.
Gradually it gathers dust,
Growing moldy, full of rust.
Right now it can’t return to you,
There’s something first that you must do,
Something that you don’t find easy,
Makes your stomach tight and queasy.


And in the darkness where it’s lying,
Your confidence will know you’re trying.
And slowly it will start to mend,
Its bumps and bruises gently tend.
Keep on going a while longer,
Your confidence is growing stronger.
In time it will return to you,
Clean and fixed, with strength anew.
Then one day that which once felt queasy,
Your confidence will now make easy.

Poem By Andréa Watts

If lack of confidence is holding you back, UnglueYou® has a Free Self help tool to: Find and Face your Fears‘ as well as  a range of services to help.

U-Nique – Our signature workshop where you can explore your sense of identity, identify those thoughts that are keeping you stuck and regain direction and purpose.

1-to-1 consultation – An opportunity for a more in depth and personal session

DIY Sessions – If you can’t make it along to either of the above, try our online course which includes a 45 minute online 1-to-1 consultation.

Whichever option you choose you can expect a restoring of your confidence.

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