It was such a great experience to work with Andréa in our 1-1 coaching session. Working with my images created such an emotional connection with my goals and allowed me to expand my own authentic point of view and perspective. Andréa´s passion for the subject and her warm, generous style of coaching, allowed me to explore my internal thoughts in a safe and supported space. This 1-1 experience of the Collage Coaching Technique™ was  heartfelt and transformative for me. I highly recommend Andréa to anyone wanting to explore coaching creatively

Noleen Tilbrook


By doing this collage I learnt what my subconscious is saying. It brought to the surface what is really important to me.

It created a simplified road map of what I need to do to achieve my most desirable goals and the connection between all of them. And suddenly life does not seem so daunting, but rather fun to see what I’ll do next to get closer to my values and goals. Taking me out of the rat race and onto a clear road to contentment. When you know where you’re headed you’re more likely to finish.

Engy Akinsola

Thank you, I very much enjoyed it – made me able to make a decision that moved my partner and I on somewhat from a very stuck frustrating situation. Thank you for inspiring me and allowing the creative side of me to be opened up again. I have put the picture in my room and look at it quite often to inspire me.

Julie Holt

Andréa came to my rescue when I was stuck and unclear about direction in my mosaic business. The one-2-one session I had with her was relaxed, engaging and very powerful. The collage I created helped me to identify areas in my life which I wanted to change and focus on. Andréa was clear and concise and really encouraged me to be bold about what I wanted. I highly recommend a session with Andréa to help in any area of your life.

Dionne Ible

Mosaic Artist

Andréa facilitated a 1-to-1 collage coaching with me. I enjoyed her open and gentle style of guiding me through the process. I came away with a creative collage which provided a helpful strong message about my future direction.

Jenny Garrett OBE

Award winning Executive Career Coach, Author, TEDx Speaker, Leadership Trainer. Women & Teen Advocate and Entrepreneur

I’ve gone from being completely undecided to now being pretty clear I’ll inquire about and investigate working in childcare. The session helped me to sort and even eliminate some of my ideas and thoughts about me, my life and career. Andréa was calm, patient and gentle with me.

Pampata Lawrence

I have worked with Andréa on a number of occasions. Each time gaining really helpful insights and understanding. Part of the experience is creating the collage, allowing my subconscious to have an opportunity to come to the fore, another is in discussing it with her and thirdly in self reflection after the session. I am still learning now from the collages I have created with Andréa. I would thoroughly recommend taking the opportunity to work with her and her approach, which is informed by a wealth of research, knowledge and experience, and to benefit from this to help you to focus, prioritise, build confidence and plan to achieve your future aspirations and dreams.

Jill Chapman

Director | Coach, Create Flow & The Create Network

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