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The right song can really lift your spirits, motivate, re-energise and inspire you. That’s why, together with members of my Facebook group, I’ve compiled another motivational playlist.

Whatever you’re trying to achieve or whatever you’re going through at this time, we think that with an eclectic choice of songs you’ll hear one that motivates and encourages you.

Inspired by George Michael’s album Ladies and Gentlemen, the list is divided into ‘For the heart’ and ‘For the feet’.

Motivational Songs For the Heart

Sit back, soak up the lyrics and sing-a-long

  1. Labbi Siffre – Something Inside So Strong
    “Something inside so strong, I know that I can make it,Though you’re doing me wrong, so wrong” 
  2. Morgan Harper Nichols – Storyteller
    “The mountain where I climbed, The Valley where I fell, You were there all along,That’s the story I’ll tell”
  3. Mulan – I’ll make a man out of you
    “Tranquil as a forest, But on fire within. Once you find your center, You are sure to win.”
  4. Hans Zimmer – A Dark Knight
    A rousing and powerful piece of music 
  5. The Beatles (cover) – All You Need is Love
    “Nothing you can make that can’t be made. No one you can save that can’t be saved. Nothing you can do but you can learn how to be you in time.”

Motivational Songs For the Feet

Give yourself a workout – get up and dance 🙂

  1. Jill Scott – Golden
    “I’m taking my freedom, Putting it in my stroll, I’ll be high-steppin’ y’all,Letting the joy unfold”
  2. Des’ree – You Gotta Be
    “Listen as your day unfolds, Challenge what the, future holds, Try and keep your head up to the sky”
  3. Steven Cooper – I Can
    “When you fall, stand up And when you break, stand tough And when they say, you can’t. You say I can, I can”
  4. Jimmy Cliff- I Can See Clearly Now
    “Gone are the dark clouds that had me blind. It’s gonna be a bright (bright)”
  5. Armand Van Helden – My My My 
    “How’d we ever get his way, where’s it gonna go. Tell me we can make it through, we’ll do what it takes to do it”

If you have a favourite, or your own motivational songs, I’d love to hear what they are. They could get included in ‘Ten Songs to Motivate and Inspire You: 3’.

Listen to the original Ten Songs to Motivate and Inspire you.

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