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Skills Based Training

Skills Based Training

Building on your knowledge and experience gained from attending the Introductory training, our Skills Based training is designed to provide you with the theory, knowledge and techniques to confidently deliver a coaching consultation. Learning on this workshop is acquired through an interactive presentation, facilitator led activities, co-coaching and group discussion.


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Who Is The Training For?

Coaches, psychologists and other practitioners who have already participated in our Part 1 Introductory Training as the collage you create will be used during this Skills Based Training day. These coaches are committed to taking the next step and add a creative approach to their existing coaching skills.


How Is The Training Delivered?

To enhance learning the course is delivered in a group setting of no more than 8 delegates where you’ll explore:

The Science Behind the Art. An interactive and visual PowerPoint presentation giving an overview of why, and how collage is a powerful coaching tool. The talk includes case studies and covers the following topics

  1. Power of images for communication
  2. Expressing emotions through images, exploring the neuroscience
  3. The role of the unconscious and visual metaphors
  4. Benefits of external visualisation
  5. How collage can help to tell and shape your story

Working with images and visual metaphors Using your collage from Part 1: Introductory Training you will practice

  • Explorative conversation techniques to elicit deeper insight and understanding
  • Working with visual metaphors, symbols and the other 4 image types
  • ‘Noticing’ as a way to promote deeper awareness

Resources:  A comprehensive workbook including:

  • The theory as presented in The Science Behind the Art
  • Guiding clients through the 3 stage Collage Coaching Technique
  • Detailed questioning techniques for facilitating the coaching conversation through collage
  • Ideas for sourcing free and low cost magazines

Following the workshop you will be issued with a CCE ICF accredited certificate for completing Collage | A Creative Coaching Tool training, worth 9 hours of core competencies and resource development 


So much knowledge was presented with authenticity. The co-coaching was excellent and great to expereince, while the workbook is really helpful to review when needed. Thank you Andréa
Anna Crollick

Business Psychologist | Coach, Yellow Brick Rd

What You Will Learn From UnglueYou’s Skills Based Training

The training you receive will be predominantly experiential. This hands-on approach enhances retention of the information and techniques you will cover. Using your own collage to explore some of the topics below, further supports your learning around:

  • Understanding the theory and science that underpins the methodology
  • Clarifying guiding a client through the creative process
  • Questioning techniques to elicit deeper insight and clarity for clients
  • Practicing and developing the skill of ‘noticing’ details in images and client’s collages
  • How personal storytelling through collage facilitates and enhances the coaching conversation
  • Increasing your own self-awareness and understanding of what you want from your coaching practice

The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.


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