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Skills Based Training

Skills Based Training

The Collage Coaching Technique® Skills Based training equips you with the theory, knowledge and practice to confidently deliver a 1-1 collage coaching session. 

Building on the knowledge and experience you gained from attending the Part 1 Introductory training, learning on this workshop is facilitated through an interactive presentation, trainer-led activities, peer co-coaching and group discussion.

The collage you created in Part 1 will be used as a personal learning tool during the coaching conversation practice. Therefore, you must have attended the Introductory training before proceeding to the Skills Based event.


CPD training workshops for coaches

Who is the Training for?

The Skills Based training is for coaches, psychologists, or other practitioners keen to use an arts-based creative coaching tool within your practice.

You understand the value of accessing unconscious and intuitive knowledge alongside cognitive processes during coaching, recognising that supporting clients first to explore and express their emotions and internal beliefs enables them to gain clarity and make better decisions. Therefore, you are committed to taking the next step and investing in developing your coaching skills by integrating a creative approach to your existing expertise and knowledge base.


How is the Training Delivered?

To enhance learning, the course is delivered in a group setting of no more than 8 delegates where you will explore:

The Science Behind the Art

An interactive, engaging and visual presentation giving an overview of why and how the Collage Coaching Technique® is a powerful creative coaching tool. Supported by case studies, the talk covers the following topics:

  1. The power of visual communication
  2. Coaching with the unconscious 
  3. Expressing emotions through images
  4. The role of symbols and visual metaphors in meaning-making 
  5. The value of external visualisation
  6. Exploring the neuroscience of creativity in practice
  7. How collage can help to tell and shape a client’s story

Guided Learning

Working with the images, symbols and visual metaphors in your collage from Part 1: Introductory Training, you will practice:

  • coaching conversation methods developed specifically for image work that enables greater insight and understanding 
  • working with symbols, visual metaphors, and a further four specific image types
  • ‘noticing’ as a way to elicit deeper client meaning and self-awareness


A comprehensive resource and reference for use during and after the training that includes:

  • handouts from The Science Behind the Art presentation
  • detailed step by step instructions for guiding clients through the three-stage Collage Coaching Technique
  • scripts and sample dialogues for photocopying
  • in-depth questioning techniques to facilitate the coaching conversation with a client’s collage
  • best practice for 1-1 collage coaching sessions
  • ideas for sourcing free and low-cost magazines

Following the workshop, you will be issued a CCE ICF accredited certificate for completing Collage | A Creative Coaching Tool training worth 9 hours of core competencies and resource development. 


So much knowledge was presented with authenticity. The co-coaching was excellent and great to expereince, while the workbook is really helpful to review when needed. Thank you Andréa
Anna Crollick

Business Psychologist | Coach, Yellow Brick Rd

What you will Learn From UnglueYou’s Skills Based Training

The training you receive will be predominantly experiential. This hands-on approach and working with your collage enhances retention of the following information and techniques you will learn: 

  • understanding the theory and science that underpins the technique
  • how to guide a client through the creative coaching process
  • knowledge and practice of questions and approaches to elicit deeper insight and clarity for clients
  • practicing and developing the skill of ‘noticing’ details in clients collages
  • identification of the six core image types in coaching collages
  • working effectively with symbols and metaphors
  • how personal storytelling through collage facilitates and enhances the coaching conversation
  • increased clarity of what you want from your coaching practice
  • grow your confidence to coach 1-1 with collage
  • clarity of when not to use the Collage Coaching Technique

Reflection and group discussion creates opportunities for peer support, learning and networking.


Pricing for the Skills Based Training day

PRICE: £497

Payment is available in 3 instalments of £170.

The training lasts 6.5 hours and pricing includes the comprehensive workbook.

All our training takes place at The Gestalt Therapy Centre, London Map


Or get in contact for more information.

CPD training workshops for coaches

Benefits for Clients

  • Drawing hidden unconscious material into conscious awareness where it can be explored and worked with
  • Increasing knowledge of personal values, strengths, mindsets, mental models, aspirations and priorities enabling them to focus on areas for personal and professional development
  • Enabling emotional connection with their goals improves motivation and the capacity to remain purposeful
  • As a non-threatening way of expressing difficult emotions, clients are better able to explore challenging situations
  • The arts-based process promotes mindfulness and well-being
  • Working creatively builds confidence and self-belief as they learn to take risks and develop their problem-solving skills
  • Their collage as a tangible output of their coaching session has long term benefits. It acts as a baseline for reflection and a visual tool that motivates, reminds, inspires and focuses them long after it was created

The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.


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