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Coaching With Collage Online

Online Coaching With Collage

Our virtual offering is ideal if you want to explore and address areas where you hope for change in your life. Together we achieve this by supporting you through the internal process of transformation. This creates the confidence, trust and resilience you need to make external changes in your life.

When we work with you, we want to accompany you on your collage journey, so that connection is felt. However, we understand that there may be barriers such as distance and time.

That’s why we offer an online coaching. Where you can create your collage in a place that is convenient for you, at a time that works for you. While still benefiting from the support of our experienced facilitator.

Feedback from clients tells us that they value the presence of our facilitator, believing this helps them to get the best from the process.

“I wouldn’t have benefited from the session as much if Andréa hadn’t been there to guide me through the process and draw out my thoughts” – Natasha Stromberg. Founder of GenderBuzz

“I would have given up if I had been following instructions” – Joanna Bacon

About your online coaching session

The process is exactly the same as if you were attending a 1-to-1 consultation. The difference is you will need to source your own magazines. You will be sent a guide about this [which can also be downloaded here].

How it works

You book your guided coaching session. We’ll then contact you to arrange a time for your consultation and send you: 

  • Ideas for sourcing magazines
  • Preparation notes

Read how other women have benefited from working with me using collage as a creative coaching tool. 

Please get in touch or call 07450 780039 if you’d like more information.


The consultation costs £247 and lasts 3 hrs hours.

Pricing includes:

  • Mindfulness exercise
  • Guidance through the creative process
  • In-depth exploration, discussion and questions to draw out the meaning of your images and  collage
  • Support to find the clarity, focus and confidence to make the changes you want to see


Interested in a 1-to-1 Consultation or attending a workshop?

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We are all connected, and the world we live in today makes that reality easier to experience.

– UnglueYou

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