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Return to work workshops – for mothers on maternity leave

Returning to work after maternity leave can be a big adjustment for your female employee.  This is a time when she may be feeling uncertain, deskilled or had a drop in confidence. Preparing her in advance of returning to the work environment benefits her and you as her employer.

You’ve spent resources recruiting, training and investing in her. Therefore, you’re going to want to retain her with all that skill, knowledge and expertise.

If you offer Keeping in Touch days we’re well positioned to complement any existing support by offering workshops.  In many cases requiring only one session to achieve positive and long lasting results. The workshops allow women the opportunity to identify and work through any concerns, practical and emotional that could prevent a smooth return to work.

“One in three women (39%) find it difficult or very difficult to return to work after maternity leave.”

— NCP survey 2008

This training is delivered using our highly effective visual learning technique.


  • Adds value to your existing back to work support
  • Maintains self-confidence and motivation
  • Facilitates an easier and faster return to best performance
  • Promotes employee engagement

Images are stored in long term memory. That’s why we remember faces better than names. 

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