Association for Coaching

‘Let’s Make Coaching Creative’ Collage as a Creative Coaching Tool

Hosted by Maxine Bell, my episode was one of a series discussing creative approaches in coaching. During the podcast I clarify the difference between coaching with collage and a vision board, talk about the book and discuss the concerns of going deeper with clients. I explain the neuroscience of creativity, sharing my passion for why this is important for clients.

Association for Coaching

‘Let’s Make Coaching Creative’ panel discussion

This final episode of the podcast series is an energetic, thought-provoking panel discussion. Myself and the three other guests talk about the challenges and impact we’ve had in our experiences coaching with creative tools. Learn why we think there’s a rise in creative techniques in coaching. Plus the future we see for this in the coaching profession and for individual coaches.


Modern Elders Academy

Purpose is what makes your heart sing

This talk was recorded with Chris Murchison from the Modern Elders Academy (MEA). The topic is ‘purpose,’ and so covers my passion for coaching with collage from a different perspective. We discuss how I define it, what it means to me and my thoughts around legacy. My recording was one of a series recorded to provide inspiration to people who signed up for MEA’s purpose course. 

Animas Coaching

Exploring the use of Collage & Creative Imagery in Coaching

I join Robert Stephenson for a lively and passionate discussion exploring the use of collage and creative imagery in coaching. Describing the three-stage process of the Collage Coaching Technique™, I share my journey of developing the process and offer insights into working with this visually creative, arts-based process.