What next now the kids all go to school? Try these 5 thinking tips

It’s the first time your child’s started school, or perhaps your youngest has now begun and you’re thinking, what next? These are big changes, emotional changes so it’s helpful to allow yourself time to reflect with our 5 thinking tips.

Five thinking tips to help you reflect

Without taking the time to stop, step back and take stock you’ll lose the opportunity to consider how things have changed. To explore your feelings about the changes and consider the possibilities that lie ahead, short or long term.

As summer draws to a close it’s the perfect time for this type of reflection and thinking. Because September, like New Year, is a period of new beginnings. If you’ve never reflected before and don’t know how to here are five tips.

1. Just stop

The first step when reflecting involves you making a conscious decision to stop all your doing, all the activity. This can be tricky as a mum, because you often feel you’ve so much to do. Try thinking of your time for reflection as your ‘Me time‘ and don’t deny your own needs. Because the more you invest in yourself the more you can give to others.

2. Get creative

Child drawingThere are a number of ways to creatively explore your feelings around change, one option is collage. When you watch your children doing arts and crafts you know how much they enjoy it as they play and experiment, not really caring what it looks like. All the while getting messy and sticky. Well it’s similar to that because the act of creating a collage draws on those childlike characteristics of openness, curiosity, no judging and the pleasure in taking part.
If collage isn’t right for you try doodling, creative writing or poetry. Alternatively you could simply write your thoughts down as bullet points.

3. Be kind to yourself

As you explore your feelings around change and decide what’s next for you it’s important that you’re kind to yourself. By this I mean don’t criticise or judge yourself for decisions you’ve made. For things that haven’t gone as well as hoped, for feeling uncertain or anxious. For being glad all your children now attend school. Feeling this way doesn’t make you a less loving or good parent. Being honest with yourself instead of denying your feelings allows you to understand and accept them for what they are; natural emotions that come and go.

4. Share your story

Friends talking over coffeeNothing connects us quite like sharing our story, having other people listen, understand and share theirs. What better way to do this than with a friend over a cup of tea? This is a great way to reflect, talking about the changes your experiencing with those who are experiencing it themselves, or have in the past. You’ll learn a lot this way, but remember that although experiences are similar, people are different. So don’t compare yourself to your friend or anyone else.

5. Listen to the wisdom within

Whatever method you choose you’ll have your own thoughts and ideas about what next. That inner voice that can guide you on the next stage of your journey. Once you’ve taken time out that voice can be heard above the noise of the TV, social media notifications, washing machine, car engine, and children. My experience working with women over the past 4 years has taught me that, you have the answers to your questions and know the best path to take. You can trust yourself to make the right choices, you just need to give yourself the time and space to work it out.