MY Spiritual SELF

An invitation to seek and deepen your spiritual nature

My Spiritual Self is one of a series of short workshops introducing you to the incredible insights gained when working with images. Through quicker, deeper exploration of your thoughts and ideas, these sessions enable you to experience new perspectives, and increased self-awareness. Empowering you with the confidence and clarity to create meaningful shifts that, in this workshop, allows connection to your spirituality.

If you seek spirituality, you’ll find it. It is not the same as religion, being deeper, higher and broader. While there are common beliefs and communities, the expression of your spiritual life is profoundly personal, looking and feeling different to anyone else’s.

Unfortunately, the demands and experiences of life left no space or time for your spiritual self. Now you have a desire to connect to something beyond yourself, yet part of yourself. You’re curious to explore what a spiritual life means to you. Or perhaps you already know how it manifests, but want to go deeper.

Workshop Content

With a theme of ‘My Spiritual Self’, you’ll explore:

  • Defining spirituality
  • Your spiritual self-expression
  • Deepening your connection

Whether you’re seeking, accepting or deepening your spiritual self, this workshop enables you to access your unconscious intuitive knowledge without editing and dismissing. Freeing you to connect to all, and more than you are. Open yourself to that possibility.

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    1 hour



     ONLY £28.00

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