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MY Authentic SELF

An invitation to reclaim and nurture your authentic identity

My Authentic Self is one of a series of short workshops introducing you to the incredible insights gained when working with images. Through quicker, deeper exploration of your thoughts and ideas, these sessions enable you to experience new perspectives, and increased self-awareness. Empowering you with the confidence and clarity to create meaningful shifts that, in this workshop, enables you to live more authentically.

Your authentic self still exists. Albeit hidden underneath the mask of uncertainty, loss of identity and confidence. This place, which you know feels wrong, is not where you belong.

Fortunately, you can rediscover your true self and live with the sense of freedom, trust and empowerment that an authentic expression of yourself allows. This journey isn’t instant, unlearning and restoration must take place. But you can take the first step by connecting to your internal wisdom and discover your passions, values, memories, dreams, strengths, motivators etc.

Workshop Content

With a theme of ‘My Authentic Self’, you’ll explore:

  • Defining authenticity
  • Identifying your authentic self-expression
  • Releasing and nurturing your authentic self

Whether you’re exploring, embracing or reconnecting to your authentic self, this workshop creates the space and time for you to express yourself honestly and openly through the images. To be heard and truly seen. Not only by others, but by yourself.  Make that choice for yourself today.

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    1 hour



    ONLY £28.00

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