Music Playlist for Coaching With Collage

A Music Playlist for Coaching With Collage

The music playlist below is curated as a resource to help you during the process of creating your coaching collage. Certain music genres are proven to influence the human brain and body in similar ways to images. These types of music have slower rhythms and melodies that reduce the heart rate, engendering a state of relaxation, calm, and well-being. In this altered mood state, your defences lower, allowing better access to the unconscious mind and increasing creativity.

The music in this playlist, by the artist Scott Buckley, is chosen with this in mind. While some tracks contain more uplifting sections, they remain calming, meditative and relaxing. As such, they support the process of allowing your analytical reasoning to rest while your unconscious intuitive mind has a chance to be heard. During the Collage Coaching Technique™, music plays while gathering the images and creating your coaching collage. Listening to this music is also recommended because ambient music fills the silence that occurs at these points in the creative process.

Additionally, this music playlist is available to listen to whenever you want to slow down and take time out to relax.

About the Artist:

The talented Scott Buckley makes his music available under a creative commons licence. His generosity means it can be used free of charge under most circumstances, as long as Scott is attributed. I am very grateful to him for this, and to support his work have become a patron. You can find out more about him, listen to his other tracks and discover his thoughts behind the tracks featured in this playlist at 


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