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I’ve recently got engaged and that’s wonderful. It’s four years behind schedule but it does at least set me on the right track.

Much like a lot of young women I know, I had a pretty robust timeline mapped out in my head of what I was going to do and who I was going to be. Finish uni, get a career (i.e. earn money and seem successful at doing it), get married, revel in that for a year then make some babies.

All very run of the mill life goals that realistically should have no issue being achieved by twenty five…right?

Making the Most of Now

Wrong. Of course. Time isn’t a tangible thing I can manipulate to suit my needs, though I’ve tried enough times. Being slightly off my predictions, has made me more than slightly unsure whether I’m able to achieve all that I hoped. At twenty five, the question is no longer ‘When will I reach my goals?’ but ‘Can I reach my goals?’

This defeatist attitude we adopt isn’t beneficial to anyone. In our mid to late twenties, assuming we slow down the rate at which we consume Prosecco, we are most likely a quarter of the way through our lives. One. Quarter. The first sixteen years of which, most of our decision making had a limited scope due to being in school.

So, even at our longest, we’ve only been rattling around as independent adults for a little over a decade. Which, when we think how long we remain in adulthood, pretty much makes us in the infancy of ours. So, why don’t we make the most of now. Why do we feel we’ve run out of time? Because we do, sitting over our bottles of wine doing our best to generate new calculations and create a new ‘time-space’ where we can somehow fulfill all that we hoped for.

How can I possibly find enough hours to write, hold down my day job, pay rent, be a good girlfriend and in the future hope to have kids when I’m already, wait for it…..Twenty five! At the time in our life when we finally feel confident, when I think lots of us start to feel truly grounded in who we are, seems to be the same time we decide to stop trying, to stop making the most of now.

Everyday is a New Opportunity

But what’s stopping us? Is it really time or is it fear? The fear of having to step out of our comfort zone.

Every day we wake up, whether young or old, is a fresh opportunity for us to strive towards what we want. By making the most of now we can get what we deserve. After all, everyone has the right to get the maximum that they can from this life.

I once read a quote that said,

“If you thought you were too busy to achieve your dreams, you should remember that Einstein and Edison had exactly the same amount of hours in their day.”

Don’t let fear convince you time is a commodity that only the rich and famous can afford. It isn’t something you can use up or something that runs out. The time you have will only be as valuable as what you do with it. So don’t see it as an enemy, see it as an opportunity! Our age doesn’t dictate what we’re capable of. It never has and never will.

Make the most of now

Being in our twenties doesn’t make it too late to be what we dreamed when we were growing up. We’re always growing up, that’s the beautiful thing. And if you don’t believe me, then perhaps you’ll heed the words of Idris Elba. I recently watched a promotional video he did in which he asked people of all ages, including their 60/70’s what they wanted to be when they ‘grew up’ reminding them that if they still wanted it, there was still time. Now ask yourself this question:

Who do I want to be when I grow up? 

For all you twenty-somethings reading this, watch out for the next post, ‘Forty-Something and Out of Time: Make the Most of Now.’ It will help you understand just how much living you’ve still got ahead and encourage you to keep on making the most of now.

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