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Lunch and Learn

Lunch and Learn Seminars

UnglueYou uses a visual approach to facilitate lunch and learn seminars for organisations. Through the use of individual image cards  we introduce an engaging and creative way of exploring, sharing and communicating ideas.

Our hour long, lunch and learn seminars are designed to support the work of your organisation. Delivered onsite, these sessions can be used to inform the design and delivery of your:

  • business planning
  • strategy
  • creative direction
  • team building
  • employee development
  • change management
  • learning and development programme

Why Book a Seminar

The value to your organisation of working with UnglueYou is our visual tools and creative approach quickly and effectively tap thoughts and ideas that may be hard to articulate or lie below the level of consciousness. Allowing new perspectives and deeper insight on your chosen theme to emerge. Further exploration through discussion of the images enables meaningful outcomes in a short time frame.

Using individual images means the topic can be tailored to meet the current needs of your organisation. Alternatively, you can choose from an existing topic.

Lunch and learn topics for organisations

  • Capitalising on creativity
    Developing your employees creative ability
  • Culture Club
    Exploring organisational and team culture
  • Well, well, well
    Understanding and promoting well-being in the workplace
  • Don’t Stay Stuck
    Identifying blocks that inhibit professional and personal development or business growth
  • Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway
    Rising to the challenges of organisational and business change
  • SWOT
    Gaining clarity on strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats

Creativity in the workplace

Our lunch and learn seminars are a cost effective way to support work based learning. They facilitate dialogue, discussion and problem solving. As well as providing a forum for employees to interact in an engaging, informal and creative way. Which in turn fosters a genuine environment of communication and collaboration.

If you work in Human Resources or learning and development and would like to know more please get in touch.

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The language of the mind is predominantly non-verbal, metaphorical and teeming with images.

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