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Leadership and Team Development

UnglueYou® facilitates develpment sessions for leaders and their teams, where you create your corporate or individual stories as a visual narrative. Resulting in effective communication, clarity and better decision making.  Your narrative is developed through our 3-stage methodology, which uses the power of images and collage to tap the wealth of information and knowledge in your unconscious and raise self-awareness.

Areas my methodology can help you address are:

  • Team dynamics that are impacting on productivity and employee well-being
  • Difficulties with leadership transitions
  • Employee engagement

My philosophy is that you and your team already have the expertise to resolve these issues. The problem is, although they impact on business efficiency and well-being of employees; the day to day of ‘doing’ business means the focus is often elsewhere.

What to Expect

UnglueYou® is an image-based methodology combining;

  1. Images: to access the untapped wealth of knowledge and information stored in the unconscious; raising self-awareness
  2. Visual narrative: in the form of collage to create meaning, clarity and focus
  3. Storytelling: to understand others, consolidate and share learning, and improve decision making

Applications include but not limited to:

  • Strategic planning
  • Leadership development
  • Leadership assimilation
  • Team building/ dynamics & behaviour
  • Improving employee engagement

Key Outcomes

  • Coherence, clarity and insight
  • Facilitates meaningful and honest dialogue improving communication
  • Provides a non-confrontational way of exploring differences
  • Introduces a creative approach to thinking and problem solving
  • Supports team building, employee engagement and productivity
  • Promotes mindfulness and well-being
  • As a tangible output the visual narrative (collage) continues to support and shape goals
  • Visual narrative acts as a baseline for future development/ reflection

Our sessions are delivered onsite and all materials are provided. They complement existing learning and development strategies.


With the changing face of the modern workplace; to retain the best talent, remain competitive and increase productivity, organisations are looking for new ways to engage and motivate their staff. The value of using the UnglueYou methodology for leadership and team development workshops are:

  • We specialise in working with the unconscious using images. Because images are the language of the mind, they tap the wealth of information that is stored there, but not easily accessed.
  • Working in this way shifts your habitual thought processes; enabling exploration of different perspectives, problems and concerns, while providing positive solutions.
  • Images bypass the limitations of language, including all that is overwhelming, confusing and unnecessary.
  • Enables exploration of the rational and emotional concurrently, resulting in more balanced ideas and decisions
  • Alongside the peer learning, employees are involved with and responsible for their own development and learning.
  • Provides a forum for employees to interact in an engaging, informal and creative way. Which in turn fosters a genuine environment of communication and collaboration.
  • The ‘storytelling’ element gives everyone the opportunity to be heard.  With participants able to speak ‘through’ the images as a third person (if necessary) to express themselves.
  • There is a permanent, tangible and visual record of the workshop which serves to motivate and influence the process of change or progress of goals.
  • The process is accessible, requiring no previous experience or artistic skills. Ensuring a level playing field for all participants. (You will be guided throughout the creative process by Andréa, a highly skilled facilitator)

The method encourages open conversation about values, leadership and working style. However, talking through the images generated equally deep discussions about more commercial topics such as markets, target groups, product mix and innovation.”

Melanie Heavern HR Director Consultant for Outside Partner Consultancy.

If you work in Human Resources or Learning & Development and would like to know more please get in touch.

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The language of the mind is predominantly non-verbal, metaphorical and teeming with images.

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