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Introductory Training

Introductory Training

‘Collage as a Creative Coaching Tool’ Part 1 is UnglueYou’s half-day ICF accredited training for coaches. This experiential training is designed to introduce you to using images and collage as a creative coaching tool.

The Introductory Training is followed by our full day Skills Based Training. Attending Part 1 gives you the opportunity to decide whether to book on Part 2 where you’ll learn the necessary skills to use the Collage Coaching Technique™ with your clients.


CPD training workshops for coaches

Who is the Training for?

Coaches, psychologists and other practitioners who are interested in adding a creative coaching tool to their existing skill set.  These coaches are curious  to experience the process for themselves and explore the potential use of this approach with their clients.

NO artistic skills or previous experience is needed to participate in this training.


How is the Training Delivered?

The focus of the training is on you experiencing the three-stage process of creating a collage as a visual narrative using the Collage Coaching Technique™. The purpose is for you to have a thorough appreciation of what your clients would experience and therefore be able to decide if this is a coaching resource you want to add to your toolkit. As such the majority of the time is dedicated to this activity.

To set context the training starts with a brief introduction to the rationale for using collage as a creative coaching tool. You will also have a dedicated period of 1-1 time with a facilitator to explore an image in more depth. Plus a taster of co-coaching with other attendees which enhances your learning opportunities and offers you an insight into the content of the Skills Based Training

The three stages in the Collage Coaching Technique are:

  1. Gathering –  images from a resource of various magazines
  2. Creating –  the visual narrative (Collage)
  3. Storytelling – sharing meaning and the coaching conversation

As you are guided step by step through the process, the images facilitate self-directed learning. Allowing you to understand how collage can be used with coaching clients to unlock unconscious thinking, raise self-awareness, gain clarity and enable confident decision making.

Following the workshop, you will be issued with a CCE ICF accredited certificate for partial completion of Collage | A Creative Coaching Tool training, worth 3.5 hours of core competencies and resource development. Full accreditation is achieved if you also attend the Skills Based Training.  

I came thinking it was going to be just a nice experience for me. But left wanting to give this experience to others.
Dina Grishin

Life and Business Coach to Creative Minds

Pricing for Introductory Training day

PRICE: £198

The training lasts 3 hours and pricing includes:

  • All materials
  • Creative guidance
  • 1-1 time with a facilitator
  • Completed collage

All our in person training takes place at The Gestalt Therapy Centre, London Map


Or get in contact for more information.

CPD training workshops for coaches

Learning Outcomes From UnglueYou’s Introductory Training

During the 3 hours of training you’ll gain knowledge and understanding related to how:

  • Images unlock unconscious thinking
  • ‘Creative adult play’ is a way of making meaning
  • Visual metaphors and symbols facilitate the coaching conversation
  • Personal storytelling through collage consolidates learning
  • Working without talking increases your awareness of other senses such as touch which engages other forms of learning
  • Collage can be used as a creative coaching tool

You will also have the opportunity to

  • Grow your network with practitioners who share an interest in creativity and coaching
  • Engage in reflective practice and CPD through the theme which is chosen to allow exploration of a coaching related topic
  • Enjoy a period of art-based mindfulness, which facilitates flow and wellbeing
  • Explore suspending judgement and pre-conceived ideas while remaining open to new concepts and trusting your intuition

The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.


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