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Group Coaching

Group coaching workshops | In-person and online

UnglueYou’s group workshops combine the benefits of 1-1 coaching with collage, with the opportunity for participants to develop connections and build relationships with others through personal storytelling. Because of this the workshops can be facilitated to focus on individual, group outcomes, or both. 

While the Collage Coaching Technique™ (CCT) has a distinct framework, each workshop is designed in collaboration with  the organiser to meet the needs of your group.

The creative process requires no previous experience or artistic skills and everyone is expertly guided step-by-step through the technique. As a skilled facilitator I draw on my work with multi-disciplinary teams, organisations of varying sizes and diverse client groups to deliver an engaging, creative and powerful workshop experience.


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Who are the Workshops for?

A coaching with collage workshop is ideal for:

  • coaching schools and academies (for CPD)
  • organisations who work with individuals experiencing a life transition
  • self-development programmes and courses
  • teams
  • groups of colleagues/friends

The versatility of the approach means it can be applied in a variety of settings, including therapeutic ones. As such, if you’re an organisation open to embracing a creative and visual approach to group work, please get in touch to discuss your needs.

How are the Workshops Delivered?

UnglueYou® workshops are available in-person and offline. With the online version, attendees can choose between creating a classic or a digital collage. This option allows them to work with an approach they find comfortable and enables participation for those who can’t source magazines.

Members of your group can also co-create one collage. Doing this involves, amongst others, the skills of negotiation, collaboration, and good communication. These collages are helpful if your group or team have a single focus, such as strategic planning or team building.


I absolutely loved the Coaching with Collage CPD session that I did with Andréa Watts for the EMCC accreditation with Grow Development Solutions Ltd. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it felt like three coaching sessions worth of insight in about half an hour! I can still vividly picture the image I created.

Emily Potts

Business & Executive Coach

Andréa has become a valuable contributor to the Pure Coaching Academy syllabus.  Her 90 minute workshops on creating a vision for future goals inspires, enlightens and excites the students.  She is professional and fun to work with and delivers amazing thought-provoking content

Carole Anne Rice

MD, Pure Coaching Academy


Every collage session follows the same core format:

Setting the context: A brief overview of the benefits and purpose of using collage as a creative coaching tool for the workshop.

Guidance through the creative process: Andréa will expertly guide the group through the 3 stages of the Collage Coaching Technique™* – Gathering, Creating and Storytelling
Small group work: Enhances and deepens personal learning, provides peer to peer support and increases relationship building opportunities. These groups also ensure everyone has a chance for their voice and story to be heard.

Regrouping: Everyone gathers to review and reflect on the experience and share their key takeaways from the workshop.

Depending on time, numbers and organiser requirements, additional elements include:

  • Starting with a mindfulness exercise.
  • A short period for 1-1 coaching within the process.
  • Follow up session

Collage has been an extraordinary discovery for me and Andréa is the perfect guide and coach. While sourcing images, cutting, and pasting I realise I find myself, and am able to explore and express myself in ways that words are incapable of. It is like magic. And in Andréa’s powerful workshop this magic helped me  produce something of beauty that also helped to tell my own story

Chris Marcell Murchison

Positive Organisation Coach and Facilitator (and now Collage Artist)


As workshops are bespoke, pricing is set on an individual basis. Please get in touch to discuss your needs.

When delivered in person, pricing includes all the resources to create a collage. With the online version, preparation information is provided for you to share with participants. Both types of workshops have follow-up resources to support ongoing self-development, insights and learning.

We often refer back to the work we did with you at the away day when we’re thinking about next steps and a way forward. So I’m pleased to say it was very helpful in shaping our thinking.

Ailbhe Lynch

Organisational Development Adviser, City, University of London

Clients and collaborators..

Benefits and Outcomes

For group members, a coaching with collage workshop provides the same benefits and outcomes as a 1-1 coaching session. This occurs through the process of creating their individual collage. The difference comes in the depth of personal exploration possible in a group setting where there is less or (depending on group size) no individual attention given to participants. Instead learning and discovery take place through group exploration and discussion. This remains an incredibly valuable and powerful exercise and being part of a collective provides additional important experiences and outcomes.

Connecting to Others

The workshops provide a psychologically safe space for participants to interact in an engaging, informal and creative way. In this environment, they journey together, creating a collage with the same or individually chosen themes. Regardlesss of the approach, each collage is unique, reflecting the personality of its creator.

The act of personal storytelling involves both giving and receiving. This exchange fosters open communication, meaningful and honest dialogue and collaboration. As individuals connect where the images and/or the story resonate, connections and relationships deepen further.

Working with collage adds further value through the possibility of using images as a non-confrontational way of exploring differences. These differences surface in the ideas, emotions and other responses evoked by the images and expressed by participants.

Group Learning

Creativity is a thought process involving manipulating existing knowledge to look for alternatives. Arts-based approaches, such as the CCT, provide you with the creative platform to achieve this by acting as a disruptor and defamiliarising the familiar. This way of working shifts habitual thinking patterns so that new information can surface. In this place of discovery, peer learning contributes to the evolution of knowledge at a personal and group level.

Also, as a resource for problem-solving, planning etc., combining everyone’s insights and perspectives increases the possibilities of moving forward together effectively.

The area where we are the greatest is the area in which we inspire, encourage and connect with another human being.

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