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Free Resources

Free Resources

Coaching with collage helps you achieve deeper self-awareness and get unstuck. Through the creative process you can learn to trust yourself and work out who you want to be, empowering you to create meaningful, sustainable change. The free resources are available to support you on this journey of moving forward with clarity, confidence, and creativity.

Downloadable Resources

To help you start on your journey coaching with collage I provide a couple of guides available as a PDF download*.

  • Where to source free and low-cost magazines 
    Not sure where to find magazines to create your coaching collage? In this free guide you’ll learn where I source mine.
  • Getting ready to create your coaching collage
    Prepare the materials, the space and yourself using this guidance to ensure you get the very best when working with the Collage Coaching Technique™. 

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    Music Playlist

    I curated this playlist for you to listen to during the process of creating your coaching collage. It’s also an excellent resource to tap into whenever you’re looking for inspiration, want to boost your creativity or need to relax and lower stress levels.

    Listen here

    Guided Meditation

    This guided, mindful meditation written and recorded by Andréa is intended to quieten your thoughts, relax your body, and anchor you in the present moment. As a coaching tool, it is a way to prepare your mind to access unconscious, intuitive thinking and enhance your creativity before working with the Collage Coaching Technique™.

    You can also listen to it whenever you want to be still, focused, and grounded. For safety, and to increase the benefits of this practice don’t engage in other activities while listening to this meditation.

    Listen and download here


    Listen to my story, thoughts on coaching with collage, creativity, purpose and other topics as I guest speak on various podcasts. This resource will help you understand more about the Collage Coaching Technique™ (CCT) and how it could benefit you personally and professionally.

    Get inspired here

    Blog Posts

    When you’re feeling overwhelmed, uncertain, anxious, demotivated, and lacking emotional energy use these posts and quotes for wisdom, encouragement, inspiration, and motivation.

    Explore here

    Q&A Sessions

    If you’re curious and would like to learn more about coaching with collage sign up for one of my regular Q&A sessions. These informal, FREE online events provide a forum to ask your questions about the Collage Coaching Technique™, my book, opportunities to deepen your knowledge and skills, and my personal journey with collage.

    Sign up here

    Contrary to popular belief, the word art and the word creativity
    do not mean the same thing!
    — Andréa Watts

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