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As 2014 draws to a close try swapping resolutions for reflections; pausing to contemplate the year just passed before hurtling headlong into the next one.

Reflecting helps us to have a sense of direction for the year ahead. Informing us where we can continue to learn and grow as well as areas or people we might want to retreat from. By constantly forging ahead, setting new resolutions, challenges and goals, without taking the time to pause and reflect we do ourselves a great disservice. Losing the opportunity to see how we have changed, capture what we have learnt and celebrate what we have achieved.

I like to use collaging for reflecting but appreciate there are different approaches, so you could also try:

1. Writing it down- if you’re feeling particularly creative you could do it as a poem
They don’t have to be life changing achievements, anything counts, like making time to go for a walk. I managed that for 4 months and I’m happy about that, as it means I can do it again.

2. Recording it on your phone
If you have one that allows you to do that. Play music in the background to add atmosphere if you’d like.

3. Using your phone or tablet to do a short video 
If you feel confident enough and like social sharing, you could post it on YouTube, Facebook or twitter. Remember to take care of yourself though and only share what you’re happy for others to know.

4. Reflecting with a family member or friend 
Sometimes those closest to us can see our achievements and how we’ve changed more easily than we can. Only ask someone you trust to be honest with kindness. We may not always hear what we want to, but sometimes we still need to hear it.

5. Keeping it positive
We all have negative things happen to us, but if we can find the learning in it then we can move forward with renewed strength and hope. Reflecting allows the time and space to do that.

Finally as you move into 2015 consider keeping a ‘Good book’ or ‘Jar of blessings’, it’s quick and easy. Each day make note of one good, positive or beautiful thing that has happened. When you look back a year on, or even throughout the year, you will realise that there can be beauty in every day if we look for it.

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