Feedback from our ‘U-Nique’ Collage workshop

U-Nique: Explore personal identity and get unstuck

At some point in our lives, the majority of us have felt stuck – we know we need to go in a new direction or do something different in order to get more out of life, but have no idea what that might be. Whether the ‘stuckness’ is down to career, relationships or just a general feeling of being in a rut.

Tapping into the subconscious through images opens up a wealth of ideas, solutions and strengths you didn’t know you had. Helping you get ‘unstuck’ as you define what’s important to you; including your beliefs, values, passions and goals.

The U-Nique workshop is designed to allow participants the opportunity to explore and express these beliefs, values and goals (as well as their current situation) from a new and insightful perspective.


This is what participants have said about the process and the workshop. Rather than giving you everyone’s feedback I’m just including two per question from the feedback form.

Q: Describe in your own words the benefit/value of having Andréa as a facilitator supporting you?

A: Invaluable! Andréa has helped me take an idea and talk through it until it becomes clear.

A. She was able to unearth, question and challenge any ideas and draw connections between the images. This allowed me to think and get a deeper understanding of the process.

Q. In what way has the workshop supported your personal development? What is the most important thing you will take away?

A. That the answer is within me – I don’t need to wait for anyone else to help me sort out my life.

A. It has helped me visualise my idea of success.

Q. Sum up your experience of the workshop in 3 words

A. Inspiring, fun, worthwhile

A. Reflective, Relaxing, Insightful

Feedback from our U-Nique collage workshop

Participants are also asked what they have learnt about themselves and their current situation. This helps with reflective practice and being clear what they have gained from attending the workshop.

Everyone gave 5 out of 5 for ‘increasing self awareness’ and ‘promoting wellbeing’. With scores between 4 – 5 for ‘focus/clarity’ and ‘decision making’

All participants gave the workshop an overall rating of ‘Excellent’.

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