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Fear came around again today,
Brought its bags, it planned to stay.
It’s always going on at you,
Holding you back, won’t let you through.
It says ‘You don’t have what it takes,
You’re always going to make mistakes.


It’s friends with Worry, you’ve seen them together,
You’re sure they’ve been best friends forever.
You’ve heard them whispering, laughing, joking,
Making fun, belittling, poking.
And every time you go to bed,
They chatter on inside your head.
Then one day when you’ve had enough,
Sick of listening to all their stuff.
Remember that you have friends too,
Faith and Hope they’ll pull you through.
They’ll tell you Fear is full of lies,
That Worry is its alibi.
Ask Faith and Hope ‘What should I do?
They’ll reply ‘Be true to you.
You have everything you need,
To reach your goals and to succeed.’
So next time that Fear comes your way,
Don’t welcome it in, don’t let it stay.
Look it squarely in the eye,
Say ‘I know you, you’re just a lie’.

Poem By Andréa Watts

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