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Expressions of Self

Expressions of Self | Group Coaching Workshops

‘Expressions of Self’ is a series of one-hour group self-development coaching workshops that creatively uses images to increase your self-awareness through exploring different aspects of your personality. Each workshop is intentionally designed to help reveal something of yourself that you may have overlooked, hidden, neglected or haven’t discovered.

Care is taken to ensure every session will be a safe, supportive and creative space for personal growth. Somewhere you can affirm, restore, reconnect to and release your:

  • Authenticity
  • Creativity
  • Spirituality

Through the new insights and perspectives you gain, you’ll feel empowered with the confidence and clarity to create meaningful life changes. Ones that allow you to experience life more fully and joyously.

During each group coaching workshop, we’ll work with images to tap your internal, intuitive wisdom. Because using visual, instead of verbal language, disrupts your habitual thinking patterns, compelling you to process and present information differently. Ultimately, this shift provides the self-awareness that fuels your personal growth.

You don’t have to attend all the group workshops, just choose whichever speaks to your heart as needing attention.

As a group event, you’ll easily connect with others on a similar journey because personal storytelling through images quickly creates an environment of trust. Instinctively, you’ll feel free to share openly and honestly and being in this space is nurturing, healing and empowering.

Workshop Content

Together we’ll use

  • reflective practice
  • 1-1 sharing
  • journaling exercises
  • group discussion
  • coaching questions

to enhance your personal discovery, insights and self-awareness.

By the end of the session you’ll have images to visualise, and journalling notes for continued reflection, inspiration and motivation. A copy of your image is also available to purchase in our shop.

Rest assured, you’ll be guided step-by-step through the process by Andréa, your experienced coach and facilitator. As such, no artistic skills, creative confidence, prior experience or preparation are needed to take part in and benefit from the workshops. You’re only asked to bring an open mind, curiosity, pen and paper.


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