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Creative Christmas gift idea

Christmas is an ideal time to explore your creative side. When you have younger children being creative at Christmas is a lot easier. However, there’s really nothing to stop you expressing your creative side at this time of year, whether you have young children or not.

This short video explains why and suggests one idea for creative gift giving. Even if you don’t consider yourself to have a creative bone in your body, I can assure you you have. Use this idea as an opportunity to try and see just how creative you can be. There’s no right or wrong way of doing this and it allows you to be very playful and thoughtful with your ideas and approach. Although the 25th is just around the corner there’s still time to try this, especially if you’re stuck for what to give or are a last minute.com kind of person. You could also ask family and friends to help, creativity works really well when you can bounce ideas of someone else.

Enjoy, play and ‘Have yourself a very creative Christmas time’.


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