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Collage for self development

The use and benefits of magazine picture collage in the therapeutic setting has long been understood and accepted by therapists, counsellors and coaches. The technique facilitates access to both the conscious and subconscious mind, enabling emotional expression and triggering dialogue, making it particularly effective for articulating difficult emotions. However, the value of using this arts based creative approach outside of the therapeutic setting has also been demonstrated in its use as a tool for:

  • Personal development
  • Leadership development
  • Learning and development in educational settings
  • Developing greater collaboration
  • Developing marketing materials
  • Branding organisations
  • Clinical supervision

Through my experience delivering personal and leadership development sessions, facilitating collaborative collages and working in educational settings I have identified that the key features of the approach in terms of developing individuals and groups are:

  1. Using images for external visualisation
  2. Defamiliarising the familiar
  3. Visual metaphor
  4. Narrative and storytelling

These four elements combined create a powerful tool that, with the support of an experienced facilitator, invites exploration and expression of emotions, values, influences and mental models. Enabling deeper understanding of how we make sense of and respond to the world and situations both individually and collectively. With this knowledge clients, be they individuals or organisations, are in a better position to make decisions and take action.

In partnership with The Letchworth Centre for Healthy Living I will be delivering free talks, discussing the topic in greater depth using client case studies and research from the world of leadership, self development and marketing. To find out how collage can help you or your organisation book now via the Centre.

Advanced booking is recommended as numbers are limited. I look forward to seeing you there.


Free Talks:
March 3rd:  1p.m – 2p.m
March 4th: 7p.m – 8p.m

Workshop £15:

March 10th: 1.30p.m – 3.30p.m
Letchworth Centre for Healthy Living
Rosehill Hospital, Hitchin Road,
Letchworth Garden City SG6 3NA


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