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Collage for self-development is used by clients who want a different perspective on their situation. They value the opportunity to explore their inner thoughts through images. Creating a visual ‘map’ based on a theme of their choice enables them to literally see what’s going for them. They then use the collage as an ongoing tool for motivation and reflection.

External Visualisation

Once the collage is complete clients have the opportunity to talk through what the images, words and metaphors mean for them. One key learning for Engy was that she had seen her life as fractured. Like many women, compartmentalising areas of her life and then trying to manage them all at the same time. As she was talking about her collage she said “I can now see my life as a whole rather than fragmented’. This is one of the many benefits of the approach. It enables an overview of your chosen theme or situation so you can see relationships between what previously felt like disparate pieces. There have been times when this in itself has been enough for a client.

I received this email from Engy a couple of days after her 1-1 collage consultation.

Collage for Self-Development

I will look at the collage each day.

Using my collage as a focal point, each week I will endeavour to write in my creative workshop book (at least once a week) what I would like to do in my home, my work/ career, my relationship, my body and my spirit.

I will look at my collage each day and determine what I have done this week to get closer to each goal or value of each of the groups:

  • home
  • career/work
  • relationship
  • body
  • spirit

I will ensure that by the end of each week I will do something to get me closer to the CONTENT of each of the areas in my collage. I will bear in mind that each picture and link on my collage has various meanings.

By doing this collage I learnt what my subconscious is saying. It brought to the surface what is really important to me.

It created a simplified road map of what I need to do to achieve my most desirable goals and the connection between all of them. And suddenly life does not seem so daunting, but rather fun to see what I’ll do next to get closer to my values and goals.

It’s like a navigator that will keep me on course and help me not to lose sight of where I want to go. Constantly keeping me motivated and HAPPY to keep going.

“It takes me out of the rat race and onto a clear road to contentment. When you know where you’re headed you’re more likely to finish.”

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