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A Creative, Engaging, Informative and Inspirational Speaker

As an accomplished speaker, Andréa combines her playful nature and intense curiosity for her specialist subject to bring you a talk that is highly visual, interactive and thought provoking. As the first specialist in coaching with collage, she is regularly engaged by university psychology programmes and coaching groups. Her cornerstone talk, ‘The Science Behind the Art’ covers the theoretical concepts, neuroscience and research that underpin the power of collage as an arts-based, creative coaching tool. To bring the theory to life, Andréa shares her own collage story and interweaves client’s case studies.


“The thing I enjoyed most about the event was the variety and rigour of knowledge base and Andréa’s easy confident way of presenting.”

Liza Muzorozi

HR Director

 Andréa’s talks are a combination of the:

  • power of images for communication
  • neuroscience of emotions and images
  • role of the unconscious, symbols and visual metaphors in coaching
  • use of external visualisation for meaning-making
  • nature of personal storytelling
  • case for creativity in coaching

Whether delivered in person or online, Andréa’s passion for her subject ensures her talks retain their energy and impact.

Invite Andréa to share and spark new creative coaching ideas with wisdom and a touch of wit, for your psychology programme, coaching group, training event or conference.

Want something more?

Get in touch to book Andréa for group workshops, 1-1 coaching and Collage as a Creative Coaching Tool™ training workshops for coaches.

Andréa is the author of Collage as a Creative Coaching Tool: A Comprehensive Resource for Coaches and Psychologists.

Having attended Andréa’s presentation on using collage I am buzzing with ideas! Her explanations of the neurological theory behind collage as a coaching tool were clear and enlightening. Her expertise and rich knowledge gained through research and practice shone through. She facilitated our group with tact and thoughtfulness, and it felt like a safe environment to ask questions and explore new ideas. Great session Andréa and highly recommended!

Valerie Rowes


What the organisers are saying:

Andréa adds incredible value to the field of Coaching Psychology. Her experience and expertise are admirable, and what makes it more special is her empathetic, supportive, and authentic manner. She brings something truly unique from a pedagogical perspective by introducing learners to the value of arts-based approaches in coaching via collage. She encourages learners to reflect, to think, and to question, while creating a psychologically safe environment for learners to share vulnerabilities and grow.

Without hesitation, I would recommend Andréa to other Coaching Psychology programmes – both for the contents and the individual.

Lilith Whiley

Programme Director for the MSc in Coaching Psychology, Birkbeck, University of London

I wholeheartedly recommend Andréa as a professional and experienced speaker, and warm and generous coach and individual. I was lucky enough to be Andréa’s lead contact for an event being hosted by The London Coaching Group. Andréa shared her wisdom and obvious passion for the value of creativity and collage in coaching, safely held the space for us to explore and shared valuable resources to further develop our practice.

Carolyn Hartwig

Coach and Facilitator, Co-Organiser London Coaching Group

Andréa was a guest speaker for the Kingston Coaching Group – the title for the evening was ‘Coaching with Collage’. Andréa quickly had the attendees completely engaged and focussed with her creative, online presentation of how to use collage as a coaching tool. Andréa’s presenting style is warm, inclusive and insightful and was delivered on multiple levels. The evening received excellent feedback from our members – I have no hesitation in recommending her as a speaker

Roy Lane

Owner at Shine Brilliant Coaching, Co-organiser Kingston Coaching Group

Curiosity and play are the foundations to living a creative life. 

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