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The Collage Coaching Technique™

The Collage Coaching Technique™ (CCT)

The Collage Coaching Technique™ is a structured approach to working with the unconscious and a creative process. It’s comprised of the following three stages:

    1. Gathering
    2. Creating
    3. Storytelling

Each stage flows from and builds on the previous one, taking you on a journey. Firstly, into your unconscious mind with its wealth of knowledge and hidden material. You’re then invited to play and be curious as you create your collage.

The final stage helps you focus on what’s important to you, as expressed through your collage. Here, exploration and reflection deepen meaning as you talk through the images, positioning, colour, patterns etc. This conversation integrates learning by enabling conscious awareness of your thoughts and feelings.


The purpose of coaching with collage is to allow exploration of your internal thought processes that lead to discovery and increased self-awareness.

Equipped with this knowledge you’re able to move forward more effectively, take on new challenges and succeed with your intentions.


Without judgement, and editing, the unconscious mind  expresses itself visually through the language of visual metaphors and symbols. Trusting the process overcomes the limitations of language as you gather images that resonate with you. These images are a reflection of your inner thoughts and feelings.



Through play, as you cut, tear, reposition and manipulate the images, your story emerges. This visual narrative presents itself through your collage. The patterns, connections and metaphors it contains offer new perspectives and insights. Noticing your internal dialogue while moving the images allows new knowledge to surface.


Previously hidden information is now available for review and reflection. Self-awareness increases as you share and explore the meaning of your images.  Understanding the thoughts, feelings and experiences that influence your behaviour is both freeing and empowering. This awareness improves decision making.

The beauty and added value of coaching with collage, is that discovery, learning, and self-development continue well beyond the life of the coaching session. As a tangible object, the collage serves as an inspirational and ongoing resource for reflection and motivation every single day.

As the story and meaning are shared beyond the coaching environment, the collage continues to enrich connections and relationships. And, like a ripple on a pond, expands its potential to influence change.

Creativity is intelligence having fun.

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