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It’s not long now until Christmas and we’re all busy with the preparations: Christmas shopping, presents for the kids, cards for the family, teachers, and friends. Getting in touch with people we haven’t spoken to in months. Maybe a year.

The sweet smell of spiced apple and cinnamon lingers in the air everywhere we go – it lurks around in supermarket aisles, coffee shops, and crafts markets. Shop windows light up with sparkle and glitter. Town centres and homes bathe in Christmas illuminations. It’s beautiful.

When you’re the mum in charge

Christmas is one of the most beautiful celebrations in the world – but when you’re a mum, the season to be jolly is often also the season to be all stressed out. Work commitments, social occasions, parties, school plays, presents, cooking, cleaning… Your list of jobs is endless and you want everything to be perfect. The biggest challenge of a working mother is having to work like you have no kids, and having to be a mum like you have no job.

How do we do it all? I don’t know either.

The beauty of giving

When you have so much to do it might seem like the ultimate luxury to slow down and focus on yourself a bit. But sometimes you just have to take a moment to slow down, take a deep breath in, and relax. Run yourself a bath, put on your favourite music, light that lovely cinnamon scented candle, pour yourself your favourite drink, and enjoy yourself. Christmas is all about remembering and connecting with those we love – so make sure to include yourself.

Giving, and making someone happy is one of the best feelings in the world – it warms our heart and puts a smile on our face. That’s why we give presents. It makes both parties happy – those who give, and those who get. But don’t forget that as a parent, you’re constantly giving. It’s not just a present for Christmas; you constantly give your child love, attention, time, kisses, and cuddles. You give them everything they want and need. And you deserve some credit for that because you’re doing the most amazing job in the world – raising a human being.

So at this Christmas I would like to take the opportunity to salute you and celebrate you – because you deserve it. Merry Christmas to all of you mums and dads out there!


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