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Collage as a Creative Coaching Tool

A Comprehensive Resource for Coaches and Psychologists
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The first book dedicated to coaching with collage

As the first book dedicated to coaching with collage, I introduce you to the Collage Coaching Technique. This three-stage creative process unlocks unconscious thinking, enabling profound psychological insight through deeper and faster exploration of emotions and behaviours.

As a comprehensive resource, I share in-depth information and research including coaching with the unconscious mind, meaning-making through symbolic images and visual metaphors, embodied cognition, the neuroscience of creativity, and the role of storytelling.

Case studies, client reflections, and my personal experiences feature throughout, illustrating and enriching the theory. The book aims to instil creative confidence in coaches, so you feel equipped to use this transformative technique in your practice. As such, it is inspirational and essential reading for anyone starting, reviewing, or deepening their creative coaching journey.

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What Reviewers are Saying

This book is an informative, well researched and evidence-based resource for coaches wishing to incorporate the power of collage into their approach. Having seen and experienced it in action, Andrea Watts innovative, considered and thorough approach is second to none. It speaks to Andrea’s generosity that she has been willing to demystify and codify the process for all within the pages of this great read. This book, its approach and wisdom will help to transform your approach with working with clients, helping you and they to reach full potential.

Jenny Garrett OBE

Award-Winning Career Coach, Leadership Trainer, Speaker & Author

What was interesting was the exploration between vision boards and the ‘collage coaching technique’ developed by Watts. My assumption was these would be one and the same, but Watts’s development of collage has moved the tool from a simple representation of future plans into a deeper psychological space.  Read full review

Prof Jonathan Passmore

Director Henley Centre for Coaching, Henley Business School

For me, the best thing about the way this book is written is that although it is not designed to be a guide as to how to integrate collage into coaching, in explaining the process and underlying science, Andréa also shares so much of her own expertise and client’s experiences with the CCT, that you get a real feel for how this would work in your own coaching practice. A must read for coaches looking to engage in more creative techniques.

Dr Lynsey Mahmood

Lecturer in Organisational Psychology, City University of London

What Readers are Saying

Collage as a Creative Coaching Tool brings something original, new and evidence based to the field of coaching. It’s easily the most useful coaching book from the last five years.

Ross McIntosh


I was blown away. It is exactly what it says on the tin – a comprehensive resource for coaches and psychologists. I also liked the references to other techniques and work around Arts based methods that permeate the book, making it a rich resource indeed.

Kate Griffiths


Andréa goes beyond the surface level writing of detailing the steps of the approach. She provides comprehensive (and fully researched) scientific explanations of why collage as a creative coaching tool works.

Christina Chateauvert

In this video I describe the creative process of designing my book cover. Like every collage, it tells a story which I share through each stage as the cover develops. It’s an interesting watch, as I talk about its evolution and the significance of the symbolism, colour and positioning of images.

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