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I don’t get it, how does it work?

We’ve created a series of short 1 minute videos, explaining how and why using the visuals /images in collage is a powerful tool for personal and business development. You can watch them here.

If you’d like a more detailed explanation, you can book Andréa for a talk.

I’m not creative will I be able to do it?

The simple answer is yes. Creativity is often associated with the ‘Arts’, meaning we have a culture where you’re either considered a creative type or not.

However, because creativity is actually a way of thinking it can manifest in many different ways including how you dress, teach your children or deliver a presentation etc.

Where the creative idea does involve a product, a degree of skills and techniques are necessary to physically create it. As it doesn’t matter what your collage looks like, no specialist skills or techniques are needed. If you can cut, tear and glue you’ll be fine. It’s all about the process and we’ll guide you through that.

Isn’t it childish?

It’s not childish but it is childlike. Do you remember how it felt to be open minded and curious with a lack of self- judgement? Allowing anything to happen and having fun without the concept that there was a right or wrong way of doing something. Simply enjoying taking part. These are the characteristics of play, the fuel of creative thinking and that’s why we’re pleased to say Collage is a childlike activity.

Is it the same as a vision board?

Good question but no. The materials are the same and the finished piece looks the same; a sheet of card with images. However, when creating your Vision Board it’s about goal setting so you know what you want and look for images to represent them. Our approach is based on letting your intuition and subconscious have an opportunity to be heard. Allowing room for the unexplored and unexpressed to surface. Because of this, the technique can, and has been applied in a variety of contexts. Our aim is for you to have a holistic approach to your development. So how you’ll be in your experiences as well as what you’re aiming to achieve.

Isn’t it a bit expensive for an “arty farty” activity

UnglueYou doesn’t run “arty”  activities. They’re great and can help with health and wellbeing. But the purpose of our service isn’t to teach a technique, so you can learn how to make or do something. Our aim is for you to better understand your situation, as well as yourself in it and the emotions that drive your rational decisions and choices. An increase in self- awareness improves the chances of you making the right decisions for you, concerning your situation.

Is it Art Therapy?

No. But having completed an Art Therapy foundation course I draw on the principles of using an arts based approach to explore and address emotional issues. I’m not an Arts Therapist and the approach has been adapted to better suit the needs of clients. Addressing not only emotional concerns but also exploring thoughts and ideas.

When’s your next workshop?

We have a list of up and coming public workshops here. If you don’t see one near you please get in contact. We also offer online sessions and tailored workshops for groups.

Can I have a 1-1 collage session at my home?

Yes. However, we charge a fee of 45p per mile outside of a ten mile radius of our base in Stevenage; or travel costs if using public transport. For more information or to book a session click here.

It looks like something I could do myself. What difference do you make?

You can create the collage yourself, with the right type of magazines. However years of experience has shown us that you’ll benefit from having a facilitator to guide you through the creative process.  Also to create a safe space for you to express yourself without reservation or fear of judgement during the storytelling element (sharing the meaning of your images). This part is key to gaining further insight, clarity and focus and my role is to ask you the right questions to elicit this. But don’t just take our word for it, read what our clients say.

Where do you get all your magazines from?

We get asked this a lot. If you’d like to try creating a collage yourself you can download our FREE guide on where to source free and cheap magazines in the UK.

Creativity Involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way.


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