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Collage | A Creative Coaching Tool


Delivered by the UK’s number 1 expert in psychological collaging, UnglueYou’s ‘Collage | A Creative Coaching Tool’ training is designed for coaches, psychologists and other practitioners looking to add a visually creative approach to their toolkit. One that also unlocks unconscious thinking. The training, after attending both days, provides participants with the theory, knowledge, techniques and confidence to facilitate creative and effective collage sessions when working 1-1 with clients. Stand out from the crowd and attract new clients as you add value and complement your existing coaching skills with UnglueYou’s Imagery Method.


Part 1 |  Half Day Introductory Training: This workshop  introduces you to collage as a visually creative coaching tool and is open to all coaches, psychologists and interested practitioners. As an experiential workshop, you’ll learn through engaging in the process of creating your own collage as visual narrative. Just bring an open mind, curiosity and a willingness to share. 

CPD training workshops for coaches

Pricing for Introductory Training Day

The introductory training lasts 3.5 hours and pricing includes:

  • All materials
  • Creative guidance 
  • 1-1 time with a facilitator
  • Completed collage

All our training takes place at The Gestalt Therapy Centre, London Map PRICE: £77 payable in instalments.

Visit the booking page for dates and times.  Or get in contact for more information.

One off payment: £77

4 monthly instalments @ £21= £84

As an experiential workshop, you’ll learn through engaging in the process of creating your own collage as visual narrative. The purpose of this is threefold:

  • Being guided through the three stage UnglueYou Imagery Method, means you experience the same process that you’ll use with clients. Participating in this way provides you with firsthand knowledge that will inform your understanding and connection to their experience of it as a creative and mindful way of unlocking unconscious thinking.
  • Because the theme is chosen to allow exploration of a coaching related topic, you will have an opportunity for CPD through reflective practice. Using your collage as a trigger to facilitate open and honest dialogue as you share the meaning with your peers.
  • Having experienced the process, you will be in a better position to make an informed decision concerning whether this is a coaching resource you want to add to your toolkit.

I came thinking it was going to be just a nice experience for me, but left wanting to give this experience to others. I loved my collage and how it spoke to me on many levels. – composition, repetition and how I got more insight when I

spoke about it to a partner and Andréa.

Dina Grishin

Life & Business Coach, Coached not Confused

One off payment: £77

4 monthly instalments @ £21= £84

Introductory Training  overview

The focus of the training is on you experiencing the process of creating a collage as visual narrative using the UnglueYou® Imagery Method™. Therefore the majority of the time is dedicated to this activity. However, the workshop includes a brief introduction to the rationale for using images as a coaching tool and a period of time for sharing your collage. You will also have 5 minutes dedicated 1-1 time with a facilitator to explore an image in more depth.
The rationale for using images and time to share your collage are included in the Introductory Training (Part 1) to provide you with a taster of the Skills Based Full days training. With the aim that it will help inform your decision concerning Part 2.

The three stages in the UnglueYou® Imagery Method™ are:

  1. Gathering –  images from a resource of various magazines
  2. Creating –  the visual narrative (Collage)
  3. Storytelling – Sharing meaning and the coaching conversation

As you are guided step by step through each stage of the process, the images facilitate self-directed learning. Therefore, allowing you to clearly see how images in collage can be used with coaching clients to unlock unconscious thinking:

  • Raising self-awareness
  • Bringing clarity
  • Building confidence
  • Identifying blocks
  • Reconnecting to values-based motivators

All materials are provided and you are only asked to come with an open mind, curiosity and lack of judgement. No artistic skills or prior experience is needed to participate and the collage is yours to take home for continued inspiration, motivation and learning.  

One off payment: £77

4 monthly instalments @ £21= £84


This training  was developed specifically for coaches interested in using a creative tool to complement and add value to their existing coaching skills. Including those:

  • Interested in using a creative tool to complement and add value to their existing coaching skills.
  • Who already use a creative approach (art, dance, drama, music, creative writing) to deepen coaching conversations and affect transformation.
  • Specialising in wellbeing and/or mindfulness
  • Wanting to work intuitively with clients and/or directly with the unconscious
  • Looking to develop their own creativity

Suitable for coaches working across a range of areas including:

  • Personal/ Life Coaching
  • Leadership/ Executive Coaching
  • Organisational/ Business Coaching
  • Speciality/ Niche Coaching

One off payment: £77

4 monthly instalments @ £21= £84

CPD training workshop for coaches, example collage

I found the workshop most enlightening and can see clear benefits to using collage as a method for coaching. It was brilliant to explore my creativity,
working intuitively and be guided by my unconscious. 

Gary King

Director Create Seven CIC, Create Seven CIC

Why Collage?

When used as a coaching tool, collage is a transformational and creative approach that enables clients to unlock unconscious thinking and access their wealth of knowledge and information. By using a different – creative and visual – form of expression clients shift habitual thought processes; enabling new insights and different perspectives to surface, while finding their own positive solutions. Self awareness is raised as they reconnect to their values, gain clarity, increase their confidence and improve decision making. Research demonstrates that the UnglueYou Imagery Method also improves self-belief, mindfulness and well-being.


Learning outcomes

  • Understanding how collage can be used as a creative coaching tool
  • Introduction to the science behind the art of the UnglueYou Imagery Method
  • How visual metaphors and symbols facilitate the coaching conversation
  • Demonstrating your ability to suspend judgement and pre-conceived ideas while remaining open to new concepts
  • Learning to trust your intuition
  • Working without talking increases your awareness of other senses such as touch and sound which engages other forms of learning.
  • Practicing mindfulness through entering the state of flow during the Gathering and Creating Stage
  • Experiencing increased self awareness through reflective practice as you unlock unconscious thinking
  • * The outcomes on this workshops are not the same as attending our workshops for women. If you need support through career change or other transitions please click here.

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