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Collage | A Creative Coaching Tool

Accredited Training

UnglueYou’s ‘Collage | A Creative Coaching Tool’ training, is accredited by the ICF and delivered by Andréa Watts, the UK’s expert in psychological collaging and Honorary Lecturer at City University, London.   Attending both training days provides you with the theory, knowledge, techniques and confidence to facilitate creative and transformational 1-1 ‘coaching through collage’ consultations.  Add value and creativity to your existing coaching skills with the Collage Coaching Technique™


Why Train to Use Collage as A Coaching Tool?

Collage provides a unique way of working with your clients that has long term and far reaching benefits. When you become a trained collage coach, you will be equipped to work with your clients using collage to support them to achieve the following key outcomes:

Unlocking unconscious thinking so that your client increases their self-awareness, leading to clarity and focus on the direction they want to go. Empowering them to create personal goals and objectives that they are going to succeed in.

Building confidence and self-belief*, equipping clients with the courage to really stretch their comfort zone and take bolder decisions to improve their personal and professional lives.

Connecting emotionally with goals means clients are more strongly motivated to achieve the change they want to see.

A non-threatening way of expressing difficult emotions allows hidden blocks, mindsets and feelings preventing clients from moving forward to be expressed in a psychologically safe way. Empowering them to prioritise areas for change that enables real growth.

Promoting mindfulness* and wellbeing as clients become engaged in a creative arts-based coaching method which creates the space and time to feel calm. Alleviating any anxiety and stress during the session and longer term.

The tangible output of their completed collage ensures they leave the session with a powerful, positive visual aid to motivate, inspire, encourage and guide them every single day. *Research by MSc Psychology students from Kent and City University, London



Part 1 | Introductory Training

This training workshop introduces you to collage as a visually creative coaching tool and is open to all coaches, psychologists and interested practitioners. As an experiential workshop, you’ll learn through immersing yourself in the process of creating your own collage. No previous experience or artistic skills are needed. Just bring an open mind, curiosity and a willingness to share and learn alongside other delegates. LEARN MORE ABOUT OUR INTRODUCTORY TRAINING

I found the workshop engaging and insightful and can see clear benefits to using collage as a method for coaching. It was brilliant to explore my creativity, working intuitively and be guided by my unconscious.

Gary King

Director, Create Seven

Part 2 | Skills Based Training day

Designed to be engaging and interactive, our skills based training day combines a rich blend of theory and experiential learning. Including using the collage you created in Part 1, to develop the techniques and knowledge required to coach successfully with the collage using the Collage Coaching Technique™. Therefore attending the Introductory training is mandatory in order to progress to Part 2.


Who Is The Training For?

Collage| A Creative Coaching Tool was developed specifically for coaches, psychologists and other pratitioners who work in the field of personal development:

  • Interested in using a creative tool to complement and add value to your existing coaching skills.
  • Already use a creative approach (dance, drama, music, lego, creative writing etc.) to deepen coaching conversations and affect transformation.
  • Specialising in wellbeing and/or mindfulness
  • Wanting to work intuitively with your clients
  • NLP practitioners and others who work with the unconscious
  • Looking to develop your own creativity

Suitable for coaches working across a range of areas including:

  • Personal/ Life Coaching
  • Leadership/ Executive Coaching
  • Organisational/ Business Coaching
  • Speciality/ Niche Coaching

This list is not exhaustive, so if you’re interested but unsure if this is right for you, please get in touch.

I really feel that I’ve learned from the master in Andréa Watts, who has developed this skill as an incredible tool to help people develop and discover both personally and professionally.

Julie New

Personal Recovery Coach

Collage Coaching TechniqueWhat Will You Learn From UnglueYou’s Training?

  • The theory underpinning the use of images and collage as a coaching tool
  • How to guide your client through the 3 stages of the creative process
  • An in-depth understanding of the benefits to clients in using this approach
  • The skills to facilitate personal storytelling and coaching conversations through collage
  • How the Collage Coaching Technique differs from other models
  • Increased self-awareness through reflective practice as you create your collage and share with peers

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