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This collage is a departure from my usual layered and detailed compositions, reflecting how I felt  and the simplicity of the message I needed at the time. I was feeling blocked, uninspired and demotivated so decided to create a collage so I could represent those feelings and have a clearer idea of why I felt that way and what was going on for me. Starting and running your own business really is a roller-coaster ride, you can feel really positive one day and then question what you’re doing the next. Just like life really, sometimes up sometimes down.

Unusually for me I found myself just picking out lots of words initially; ‘down-time’ (I was thinking of it out of context, as feeling down rather than for time off). ‘How to survive’ and ‘off piste’  which I was planning on turning into piste-off! I realised I was clearly feeling negative and no doubt overwhelmed, knowing I had decisions to make and being unsure which ones would return the best results for UnglueYou.

One image was of a road and my first thought was ‘long empty road – with no end in sight’. Then I found the image of the case stuffed with books and I found myself drawn to it so knew it was resonating with me, just not why. Following the guidance I give my clients ‘if it resonates with you take it out, even if you don’t know why’, I tore it out. When I held it up I realised I could see One Direction through it, as they were on the other side of the magazine page. As I looked and meditated about it I realised that I am going in ‘one direction’. I am focused, I do know what I’m trying to achieve and the suitcase represents all the gifts, blessings, experience, knowledge and support I have so that I can achieve my goals.  To the extent that they are overflowing and cannot be contained. I was then able to reinterpret the road, not is a long empty one but as a straight one with a clear view, heading into the future.

I don’t feel I need to share the meaning and metaphors of the rest of the images, as my key point is to demonstrate how the process taps into the subconscious. In this instance although I didn’t use the negative images and words I had chosen, through the process of choosing them I had been able to think about and understand how I was feeling and why. I didn’t have to go back and choose new images to create the collage, as they were there amongst the ones I had already chosen.

I’m reading ‘The Artists Way’ by Judith Cameron, the first thing she advocates is releasing creativity by writing three pages every morning of whatever comes to your mind; just to write it and get it out there. In amongst this may be pearls of wisdom or nothing, but all the stuff (including the inner critic) in your head is out, clearing the way for creative thoughts. The UnglueYou collage approach works in a similar way. Allowing feelings you can’t articulate to be visualised, seeing them in a very personal way and then better understanding them allows for clarity of thought. It can easily be applied to any situation.

I do believe we hold our own answers within us, but they can often be blocked to us. My collage took me an hour; and 4 magazines later I felt more positive, focused and re-energised to work on my business. Not only had I processed what was going on for me, I had created a collage to refer back to and remind me of what I know to be true, I’d had time to myself and was inspired to write this blog once I’d finished. Time well spent I’d say.

Do try the process for yourself and look at the rest of the website for inspiration or to book a session/workshop.

Kragle is the glue used in The Lego Movie by evil Lord Business to stick things in place and prevent creativity and self expression. I chose to use it in the title for this blog as it is creativity and self expression that my business process releases, allowing clients to see things from a new and insightful perspective. With this clearer understanding they can then make decisions to help them get ‘unstuck’. Also, as my business is called UnglueYou it seemed to make perfect sense 🙂


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