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It may seem early to be talking about the New Year but Christmas will have come and gone before we know it, with the New Year hot on its heels.

At the beginning of a New Year there is always the temptation, sometimes even pressure to set resolutions and embark on creating a ‘New You!’ But I find that life with all its vagaries cannot be trusted to fit neatly with any resolutions or firm plans I may put in place.

So instead I take the view that there is far greater value in looking back and reflecting on the past year.  I trust my past, knowing it will not change or provide me with any unexpected surprises, therefore any lessons learnt there will serve me well going forward. By reflecting I can capture this knowledge, with the opportunity to also celebrate achievements and take a trip down memory lane, with all its delights and disappointments.

The reflecting also helps me have a sense of direction for the year ahead. Informing me where I can continue to learn and grow and areas or people I might want to retreat from. By constantly forging ahead, setting new resolutions, challenges and goals, without taking the time to pause and reflect we do ourselves a great disservice. Losing the opportunity to see how we have changed, capture what we have learnt and enjoy what we have achieved.


Collage art is a great way of reflecting, it’s creative, relaxing and needs no past experience or artistic skills. You just need to be curious, open to the creative process and willing to treat yourself to that precious gift of ‘time to yourself’ to create the collage.


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