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Many people choose to work with me because they’re ready to claim their true identity and embrace a new season. They’re trying to make changes aligned to the person they want to be. However, they often feel stuck, uncertain or a little fearful of what those changes will mean for them. I understand this, because this was me.

So when you come to me for coaching and trust me to help you create your desired future, know that I understand what it’s like to take this type of journey. I love coaching with collage and use it regularly to help me know myself better, so I can be true to the woman I’m constantly becoming.

That’s why I’d consider it a privilege to coach you using the Collage Coaching Technique™. A creative approach that is both powerful yet subtle. One that enables the reflection and self-awareness that helps you rediscover your truth and heart song. Then you can start crafting the life you desire, being authentic to your values and character, knowing that you’re enough right where you are.

You don’t just have to get through life. You can thrive as you learn to trust yourself and let your voice be heard…perhaps for the first time.

It was great to have space to think about life. I didn’t think I’d be able to do it as I’m not creative. Andréa helped bring out the important points in the discussion, she brought my collage to life. I thought I couldn’t change anything but she helped me to see that I could.

Susan Cairn


This is an excellent technique to help you unpeel layers and look deeper. It helped me uncover true aspects of myself and get in touch with authentic feelings. I found it inspiring and Andréa guided me through the process skillfully to get the best results.

Athena Swakeby

Business owner

What I enjoyed most was working with my unconscious in a structured way. This allowed me to explore my internal thought processes and come to a better understanding of what I want for the next stage of my life. I liked having the option to create a digital collage.

Juan Maggiora

Business owner

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About your 1-1 collage coaching session

Coaching with collage is for anyone who wants meaningful transformation in their lives. The approach is powerful because starting with the unconscious creates internal shifts that enable sustainable change. These changes empower you to move forward with a more positive and confident mindset. 

The creative process facilitates self-awareness, clarity and focus during life transitions. For example:

  • Career change 
  • Business development
  • Redundancy
  • Returning to work after an extended break
  • Divorce and other challenging relationship changes

Essentially, anything that leaves you feeling a loss of identity, uncertain of the future or stuck.

Your transition may result from choice, be outside your control or occur within your current situation. Whatever the cause, the space to create is always a safe and supportive environment for self-expression, exploration and release. With time away from everyday distractions and commitments, you can explore and express any fears and blockages that keep you stuck. Importantly, you’ll also identify your strengths, values, motivators and steps to overcome your challenges and succeed.

The benefits and difference of coaching with collage to more traditional approaches

Tapping the unconscious 

You start by using images, the language of the mind to:

  • tap the unconscious and access your wealth of internal resources, wisdom, intuition and solutions.
  • bypass all that’s overwhelming or confusing and gently unearth what is hidden or hard to articulate.
  • defamiliarise the familiar, enabling you to see things differently, offering new insights and perspectives.

This new knowledge improves your decision-making so that the goals and intentions you set are likely to be successful.

Early insight 

The process is easy to engage with and provides a non-threatening way of expressing abstract and challenging emotions. Surfacing through the images brings them to your attention at the start of your coaching journey. This awareness empowers you to prioritise areas for change sooner.

Arts-based coaching

The Collage Coaching Technique™ (CCT) is an arts-based approach so naturally engenders feelings of relaxation and mindfulness as you become absorbed in the activity. When you enter this flow state, outside distractions and self-criticism recede. This helps reduce any stress and anxiety that can impact your coaching session.

Working with emotions

The images on your collage resonate with you emotionally, causing you to connect to them in a meaningful way. This emotional connection to your goals creates a stronger motivation to achieve them, because how you feel influences your behaviour.

Self-directed learning

From the start, your coaching experience is led by you as you gather the images, create your collage and choose how much to share. This self-directed learning increases recollection of your discovery, understanding and decisions made during the session.

The visual aid

As a physical object, the collage you create has many benefits:


  • During your coaching session, it acts as the starting point for discussion and exploration, making it easier to start and remain engaged in conversation.
  • Many clients are proud of their collage and experience joy at having expressed themselves creatively.
  • You have a powerful visual aid with long term benefits to support you through transitions and the internal process of change. For example, it acts as a baseline for reflection, a source of inspiration and new meaning continues to emerge overtime.


You have three ways to engage with the creative process

Classic collage

  • using magazines
  • available in-person and online*

Digital collage

  • using a specially curated digital magazine and virtual canvas
  • only available online

*Magazines can be supplied to UK clients at an additional cost to cover postage and packing


You have two options for your initial 1-1 coaching with collage session


  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Cost: £245


  • Duration: 3 hours.
  • Cost: £307

Payment plans available.

Get in touch for more information about these and our post 1-1 coaching packages.

        What’s included

  • All necessary materials*
  • A mindfulness exercise
  • Step-by-step guidance through the creative process
  • An in-depth coaching conversation to help you explore and understand the meaning of your images, symbols and visual metaphors
  • Support to find the clarity, focus and confidence to make the changes you want to see

*When coaching in person

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In-person sessions take place at a venue of your choosing with the option of using the Gestalt Centre in London (10-15 minutes walk from Kings Cross station, London). The cost of travel and venue hire (if applicable) are added to the coaching fee.

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