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Collage | A Creative Coaching Tool

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Coaching with Collage 
A creative approach to personal and professional development 
for individuals and organisations in transition.

Using images and collage as a coaching tool enables you to unlock your unconscious thinking, raise your self-awareness and gain clarity and focus. Equipped with this new insight and sense of direction, you feel motivated and empowered to make confident decisions about your future and achieve your full potential.


We specialise in working with women experiencing a life transition. These changes may be due to a career change, relationship ending, or children starting school or university etc. Whatever the transition, if you’re in a place where you feel stuck, uncertain about the future, a loss of identity or quite simply that ‘it’s time for me’; then we’re here to help:


UnglueYou’s ‘Collage | A Creative Coaching Tool’ training, is accredited by the ICF and provides you with the theory, knowledge, techniques and confidence to use a creative and transformational coaching tool with your clients. Add value and creativity to your coaching skills with UnglueYou’s Collage Coaching Technique.


We facilitate professional development sessions for leaders and teams using images to expand thinking and collage to create meaning. Images create opportunities for open and meaningful dialogue. Resulting in clarity, change, problem solving and better decision making.  Find out more:


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I had the pleasure of attending a 1-to-1 session with Andréa. The entire exercise was highly beneficial and I now have a beautiful collage pinned to my wall, which serves as a reminder of my life and business visions. I would definitely recommend UnglueYou to other women.
Shola Kaye MSc

Award Winning speaker and author, Speak Up Like A Diva

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“I certainly believe the process of creating a collage allowed me to explore my own vision and then enable me to articulate it clearly to others in a way I have never been able to do before. I truly believe it helped me get the job.”
Katharine Gale

Gynaecology Nurse Consultant

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UnglueYou® is all about helping women, going through significant changes in their lives, careers and relationships, get unstuck. The focus is on using collage as a coaching tool to help you work out  what you want and how you want to be, so you can reclaim your identity and live authentically. The free resources we offer are designed to help you take steps towards this life.
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