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Learn and Lunch

Learn & Lunch Seminars

Short, hour-long seminars to help parents find ideas and build skills to achieve a work-life balance that is right for them, right for their families and right for their organisations.

Seminars can be developed around a specific theme, or you can choose a selection from pre-existing seminar topics.

Learn and lunch seminar examples:

  • Home & Away – Achieving work /life balance
  • Don’t Stay Stuck Identifying blocks that inhibit professional and personal development
  • Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway – Rising to the challenges of change
  • Strength Spotting – Identifying skills, knowledge, expertise and personality traits that can help you fulfil goals
  • Let Loose The Creative You – Recognising, acknowledging and using your creativity
  • At A Crossroads – getting a clearer sense of personal and professional direction

For more information about our Learn & Lunch seminars for mothers, parents and women returning to work after career breaks, do get in touch.

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