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Well-being In The Workplace

Prioritising the well-being of staff in your workplace is an important and effective business strategy.  Often well-being is considered a ‘nice to have’ if budget and time allow.  However, research has shown that organisations who invest in their staff well-being,  foster an environment where individuals and the organisation thrives.

The challenge is that well-being is as individual as we are. Fortunately, as an employer, when you work with us, you’ll use one provider who can meet the needs of individual employees. By offering a service that equips employees to develop individual well-being skill sets; you can support your staff to achieve and maintain their mental health and well-being in the long, as well as short term.

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Why UnglueYou?

Research  identified 6 key attributes of well-being. Five of which are met through UnglueYou’s workshops and collage work.

Optimism: Fostering creativity and innovation
Creativity is a thought process which involves the manipulation of your existing knowledge to look for alternatives. Art processes, such as creating a collage, provide the creative platform to manipulate that  knowledge, through thinking and seeing differently.

Belonging: Connecting to others
Our workshops provide a forum for employees to interact in an engaging, informal and creative way. Which in turn fosters a genuine environment of communication, honesty and collaboration.



Meaning: A Sense of purpose
Within the workplace, explaining who you are, how you feel, what’s important to you and crucially why helps to create connection and meaning; for, and between individual team members. Using images as a catalyst to share, enables this to occur more easily.

Engaging with visual art-making naturally draws your attention and  focus to the present moment. Which helps in ‘blocking out’ intrusive thoughts about life. Cultivating a mindful state.

Authenticity: Really yourself
Visual self-expression facilitates the exploration of the ‘undiscovered-self’ which gets hidden behind language barriers. Increased awareness of your thoughts, emotions, and experiences leads to a better understanding and acceptance of yourself and others in the workplace.


Well-being at Work – Facilitating Open and Honest Discussion with Images

Before any meaningful change can occur, all employees have to be able to talk openly about their mental health and well-being.

As specialists in well-being workshops using images, our sessions quickly facilitate open and honest dialogue. Because images work with the unconscious, they act as a catalyst for discussion, enabling new insights and perspectives to surface. Cutting through the limitations of language and emotions that may be hard to articulate.  Case Study 

Staff can then identify what is and isn’t working for them, relating to their well-being in the workplace.  While sharing the images with colleagues, provides an opportunity for creating meaningful connections and relationship building. As individual employees explore and articulate their thoughts, emotions, concerns and ideas.

These personal visual metaphors empower staff to recognise where they have choices and how to improve their well-being. Including in relation to mindset, resilience, communication and coping with change.

Mindfulness in Art-Making for Employee Well-Being

Mindfulness is thought to alter the way people think about stressors and has been associated with higher well-being and lower stress at work.

Research into the UnglueYou methodology, indicated that people who’d taken part in a workshop experienced a variety of benefits. Including the ability to cultivate a mindful state. Also, “the ‘After-Effect’ phase highlighted further benefits that occurred in participants work lives. Ultimately leading to promoting their overall well-being at work”.

This research with working professionals, supports the use of collage art as a positive and promising intervention for well-being in the workplace. With a unique ability to foster mindfulness using elements of fun and creativity. Which may be especially significant for the modern workplace.

UnglueYou offers these coaching workshops for leaders and managers who are responsible for ensuring the well-being of their staff. Recognising the significant pressure, those in positions of leadership, may find themselves under. The workshops are also suitable for other employees identified as benefiting from a more focused intervention.

Key Outcomes

  • Staff explore what well-being means to them personally and identify areas that need addressing.
  • Individuals choose their own actions concerning next steps.
  • They gain clarity on how to make changes  whilst being aware of possible blocks.
  • The use of images to explore thoughts and problem-solve is a transferable skill.
  • Attending promotes well-being through expression of emotions, raising self awareness and knowing others experiences are similar.
  • Sharing the images creates meaningful discussions which foster relationship building.
  • The approach promotes communication, inclusion and peer learning.
  • As an employer you fulfill your role in developing staff and equipping them with strategies to maintain their health and well-being.

‘This week I had the privilege to attend a coping strategies workshop with this amazing lady – thank you so much for offering us the time and knowledge to “unglue” ourselves. The workshop was even better than I imagined and offered me long-lasting advice to help me moving forward. Thank you so much for your time.’ 

Joanna Bacon: Bedford College Group

If you work in Human Resources or are responsible for Well-being in your organisation and would like to know more, please get in touch.

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The brain can process images 60,000x times faster than text. That’s why visuals are increasingly used in learning and development programmes.

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