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Post-return review & reflect

Post-return review & reflect for mothers in first 6-12 months

The majority of mums need four months to get their confidence back and readjust after returning to work following maternity leave. For others uncertainty about their role may not be expereined until they’ve been back at work for a while. That’s why we offer ‘Review and Reflect’ seminars. Enabling you to provide your employees with and opportunity to address concerns before they impact on performance. In many cases requiring only one session to achieve lasting results.

This training is delivered using our image and collage methodology and can be tailored to meet the need of your organisation.


  • Maintain best performance
  • Adds value to existing appraisal systems and back to work programmes
  • Promotes self-confidence and motivation
  • Promotes employee engagement

Review and reflect sessions are also suitable for employees who have returned to work after a period of prolonged illness or an extended career break.


The brain can process images 60,000x times faster than text. That’s why visuals are increasingly used in learning and development programmes.

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