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For organisations

Professional development and training for organisations

UnglueYou works with organisations to support the professional development of your employees. We are uniquely positioned to deliver creative and interactive workshops and training for leaders and teams. Working with images and/or collage the UnglueYou methodology quickly enables deep and meaningful dialogue to develop. Leading to new insights, fresh perspectives and creative problem solving.

This visual learning approach we’ve developed has proven results and long lasting benefits.

Supporting women to return to work confidently after maternity leave

We offer group and 1-1 consultations to ease the transition for women returning to work after maternity and employees after a period of prolonged absence. Enabling them to be more effective employees when they first return to work rather than nervous, lacking confidence or motivation.

Using the UnglueYou methodology, a visual learning approach we’ve developed with proven results and benefits; employees have the opportunity to reflect prepare in advance of returning to the work environment. This benefits you both, as they work through and find solutions for issues that could impact on their productivity or wellbeing as they transition back to work.

In addition to memories from a long distant conscious past, completely new thoughts and creative ideas can also present themselves from the unconscious.


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