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Maternity Leave & Career Break: Art and Employment Research

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Are you returning to work after maternity leave or a career break? Are you anxious, concerned that you’ve lost skills? Has your confidence taken a knock? Do you feel guilty leaving your baby?

We can help

We facilitate collage workshops to help you renew your confidence and reclaim your identity. Working alongside women on a similar journey you’ll have the opportunity to express your feelings visually, openly and honestly.
Using images in collage allows you to work with your unconscious and intuition. Opening up a wealth of internal ideas, solutions, insights and strengths to ease and help you through the transition.


  • You’ll leave the workshop with greater self-awareness, clarity, focus, increased confidence and sense of direction.
  • You’ll also have your collage to inspire and motivate you long after the workshop is over.
  • No artistic skills or previous experience is needed.

Our next workshop takes place on June 22nd at a cost of just £15 + booking fee.


We’re offering this workshop at a much reduced price because we’ve teamed up with a University student to conduct research. Rachael Kraft is an MSc psychology student researching women’s emotions and perceptions of work following maternity leave or a career break. If you choose to join us you’ll need to complete a questionnaire before and after the workshop.

Rachael’s research aims to investigate how creative arts based practices can alter the way women perceive their transition back to work. Believing that utilising creative practices and mindfulness techniques can help facilitate increased levels of motivation, identity, self-efficacy and overall well-being. Case study

Data collection

All your answers will be anonymous, and we won’t ask for information that could individually identify you or your organisation. The data will be used for Rachael’s research project. Reporting trends in the data or themes from any open ended questions. On request your data can be removed at any time; even after the workshop.

Next Steps

You can get involved by attending a workshop, booking a 1-to-1 consultation or a DIY online consultation.


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