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Build your confidence and take the next steps in your life or career

UnglueYou® uses collage as a creative coaching tool to unlock your unconscious and help you through transitions and career change. We understand that making a decision to change can be challenging and scary. Whether it’s related to career change, business, relationships, health, identity or better work life balance, our approach can help.

Having coached countless women over the years, and been on her own journey of self-development, our facilitator sees similar themes recurring for women:

  • Not being true to yourself
  • Wearing masks to fit in
  • Feeling trapped
  • Not having a voice
  • Needing ‘time for me’

We can support you to overcome your fear of change; as you increase your confidence, sense of direction, focus and well-being. Enabling you to step out, put aside the mask and fulfil your potential.

What to expect

At each workshop we will be a small group of up to four, allowing you to get the very best from our time together. As your self-development during this workshop takes place through; self-reflection, facilitated discussion, questioning and sharing your collage story with women on a similar journey

We start with a mindfulness exercise before you’re guided through a three stage process of creating your collage, that brings you deeper self-awareness as you connect emotionally with your vision and goals. As well as connecting with the other women, giving you a chance to network and grow your circle of support.

By using images in collage to unlock your unconscious, you’ll gain access to your internal voice with its wealth of ideas, solutions, knowledge and insights. The aim is for you to leave with a deeper connection to your sense of self and understanding of your purpose. Because doing so, increases your confidence to articulate and action your vision and goals powerfully and authentically.

“I certainly believe the process of creating a collage allowed me to explore my own vision and then enable me to articulate it clearly to others in a way I have never been able to do before. I truly believe it helped me get the job.”
Katharine Gale (nee Young) | Gynaecology Nurse Consultant

To see what other women have to say click here.

The benefits of attending our workshop

  • Our intention is for you to leave the workshop with greater confidence, self-awareness, clarity and sense of direction.
  • Research has shown that this approach increases your self-efficacy; the belief in your ability to succeed in accomplishing your goals.
  • Identifying barriers that are keeping you stuck; and your more powerful, values and purpose driven motivators.
  • You’ll learn how and who you want to be. Enabling you to be true to yourself as you move forward with the vision for your life and career.
  • The collage you create is yours to keep and will serve to build your confidence, inspire and motivate you long after the workshop is over.


Workshops cost £125 per person and lasts 4.5 hours.

Pricing includes:

  • All materials
  • Creative guidance and facilitation
  • Support to understand and interpret your work
  • Light refreshments
  • Completed collage

Please just bring an open mind, curiosity and a willingness to share.

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