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Book a workshop

  • For women experiencing a life transition

If you’ve lost your confidence, feel stuck and uncertain with a loss of identity, then we can help. In our 1-1 consultations and group workshops you’ll be guided through the UnglueYou Imagery Method of collaging. Helping you, through images and your unconscious, to reconnect to your inner wisdom and authentic self. Resulting in raised self awareness, clarity, a renewed sense of direction and the confidence to make bold decisions. Additionally, using an arts based method creates a state of mindfulness and is proven to support improved well-being. Find out more.

  • Training for coaches and psychologists

Creativity in coaching is a growing field. As you’re on this page, it’s likely you’re among the many coaches who recognize the value in including creative approaches in your practice. Working with images and collage is a powerful and empowering tool for coaching clients to explore complexities visually and access the unconscious.  In attending our training workshops you can experience the process and potential outcomes for clients using the UnglueYou Imagery Method.  To find out more about this training click here.

No artistic skills or prior experience is needed to attend either of our workshops.


If you have a query or would like more information contact us, or call 07540 780039.

Collage | A Creative Coaching Tool - Saturday October 5th 2019

Introductory Taster session
Gestalt Centre, 15-23 St Pancras Way, London NW1 0PT
11a.m – 2p.m
ONLY £55


Collage | A Creative Coaching Tool, Saturday 26th October 2019

Part 2 – Skills Based Training
Gestalt Centre, 15-23 St Pancras Way, London NW1 0PT
10.a.m – 4.30p.m

Closed workshop. Attendees must have taken part in the taster workshop.

£347 – Instalment option available until September 30th
For more information click here.

Collage | A Creative Coaching Tool - Tuesday February 4th 2020

Introductory Taster session
Gestalt Centre, 15-23 St Pancras Way, London NW1 0PT
10.30a.m – 2p.m
ONLY £77


As you become more clear about who you really are, you’ll be better able to decide what is best for you – the first time around.


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