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Train the Trainer

Train the Trainer | Collage as a Creative Coaching Tool

Our full day train the trainer workshop, provides you with the theory, knowledge, skills and confidence to use collage as coaching tool with your clients; in a group or 1-1 setting. This training session was developed specifically for coaches interested in using a creative tool to complement and add value to their existing coaching skills.

Coaches, psychologists and counsellors attending this training must have attended our Part 1 Taster session as the collage you create will be used in the Train the Trainer workshop.  However, you can attend part one without proceeding to part 2.

Why Collage?

When used as a coaching tool, collage is a transformational and creative approach that enables clients to access their unconscious and the wealth of knowledge and information stored there. The images enable visual expression, while composing the collage itself creates meaning. By using a different – creative and visual – form of expression clients awareness is raised as they reconnect to their values, gain clarity, increase their confidence and improve decision making. Research demonstrates that the UnglueYou methodology also improves self- efficacy, mindfulness and well-being.

CPD training workshops for coaches

Who’s the Training For?

Our Train the Trainer workshop is suitable for coaches and psychologists working in a range of areas including:

  • Personal & Life Coaching
  • Leadership & Executive Coaching
  • Organisational & Business Coaching
  • Speciality/Niche Coaching

Our workshops take place at The Gestalt Centre, London Map


  • £347 early bird
  • Payable in instalments (contact Andréa for payment details)
Use the link for dates, times and to book on a workshop.

Train the Trainer Overview

Collage as a Creative Coaching tool is intended for anyone who has attended our Part 1 taster session and wants to develop the skills, knowledge and confidence to offer collage as a visual or arts based alternative to more traditional coaching tools

To enhance learning the course is delivered in a group setting of no more than 6 delegatesDelivered as an experiential workshop, you’ll explore:

The Science behind the Art An interactive and visual PowerPoint presentation giving an overview of why, and how the process works. Includes case studies and covers the following topics

  1. Power of images
  2. Images influencing behaviour
  3. External visualisation
  4. Visual metaphors
  5. Mindfulness and well-being

Working with images and visual metaphors Using your collage from Part 1: Taster session you will practice

  • Noticing and exploring visual metaphors
  • Questioning techniques to elicit deeper insight and understanding


Workbook including:

  • The science behind the art
  • Guiding clients through the creative process
  • Key questions for clients when working with images
  • A quick start guide
  • Sourcing free and low cost magazines

Following the workshop all delegates will be issued with a CPD E-certificate.

For dates, times and to book on the taster workshop click below

Book  Here

Learning outcomes

The training you receive will be experiential. This hands on approach enhances retention of the information and techniques you will cover. Using your own collage to explore some of the topics below, further supports your learning around:

  • How text and images are processed differently and influence behaviour
  • Guiding a client through the creative process
  • Questioning techniques to elicit deeper insight and understanding
  • Key pointers and the difference between facilitating group workshops and 1-1 consultations
  • How to use individual image cards in coaching
  • Increasing your own self-awareness and understanding of what you want from your coaching practice

For dates and times use the link below.


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