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Delivered by the UK’s number 1 expert in psychological collaging, our CPD training workshops are for psychologists and coaches who want to stand out from the crowd and attract new clients. Add value and complement your existing tools by offering a visual and creative tool to your skills.

Part 1: Our taster session introduces you to collage as a visually creative coaching tool. Learning on this workshop takes place through the experience of creating your own collage.* Just bring an open mind, curiosity and a willingness to share.

Part 2: The full day Skills Based Training is where you’ll learn the necessary skills to use the UnglueYou methodology with your clients/coachees. Developing your expertise and confidence to facilitate 1-1 consultations and group workshops. It includes the theory that underpins the methodology and training on how to deliver it.

CPD training workshops for coaches


Workshops last 3 hours and pricing includes:

  • All materials
  • Creative guidance and facilitation
  • Completed collage

Our taster sessions take place at The Gestalt Centre, London Map

PRICE: £55

Visit the booking page for dates and times.  Or get in contact for more information.

Taster workshop overview

Working with images and visual metaphors
Be prepared to get a bit sticky, as you are guided through the three-stage creative process and gain an understanding of the power of images to work with the unconscious. Including for

  • Raising self-awareness
  • Identifying blocks
  • Reconnecting to values-based motivators
  • Bringing clarity
  • Building confidence

Peer & guided learning
Sharing and discussion of your collage with other delegates increases learning.

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Learning outcomes

  • How collage can be used to support clients
    – gain clarity, focus and improve decision making
    – who find it difficult to articulate thoughts and emotions
  • Experiencing the process yourself gives you the opportunity to use your unconscious to explore a topic that will raise your own self-awareness. An additional benefit that supports your continued professional development.
  • * The outcomes on this workshops are not the same as attending our workshops for women. If you need support through career change or other transitions please click here.


I have always used collage as a creative tool at events and wanted to learn more about how I can incorporate it into my work 1:1. I really feel that I have learned from the master in Andréa Watts who has developed this skill as an incredible tool to help people develop and discover both personally and professionally. Thank you Andrea
Julie New: Founder at Who Are The Flowers

CPD training workshop for coaches, example collage
I found the workshop most enlightening and can see clear benefits to using collage as a method for coaching. It was brilliant to explore my creativity, working intuitively and be guided by my sub-conscious. Gary King: Director Create Seven CIC

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