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1-to-1 coaching consultations

For women ready to make changes.

CPD training for coaches

For coaches who want use a creative coaching tool

Lunch and learn seminars

For organisations who want a creative way to learn

Workshops for women

A creative way to uncover and overcome challenges.

DIY and online consultations

For busy women who want to invest in themselves.

Personal and professional coaching for women in transition.

Using images in collage to unlock your unconscious, overcome challenges and release your potential.


We specialise in working with women experiencing a life transition. These changes may be due to a career change, relationship ending, or children starting school or university etc. Whatever the transition, if you’re in a place where you feel stuck, uncertain about the future, a loss of identity or quite simply that ‘it’s time for me’; then we’re here to help:WOMEN IN TRANSITION


We want as many people as possible to benefit from our methodology. To achieve this we deliver CPD training workshops for coaches. Offered as taster, introduction and advanced practitioner workshops. So, if you’re a coach wanting to introduce a creativity to your practice, expand your skill set and add value for your clients, click below to find out more:


Using a visual approach to facilitate lunch and learn seminars for organisations, we offer a cost effective way to support your work based learning. Our use of images acts as a catalyst to facilitate dialogue, discussion and problem solving. As well as providing a forum for your employees to collaborate in an engaging and creative way. Find out more:


Watch our short video to find out more about us and what our clients say

I was able to make a decision that moved me on from a very stuck and frustrating situation. Thank you for allowing my creative side to be opened up again. I’ve put the picture in my room and look at it quite often to inspire me.

Julie Holt

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I have my collage to remind me what was discussed and some techniques for mindfulness. As a busy mum it’s given me time to look out for me and not apologise for days when ME feels wiped out. But know I can still have goals.

Sylvia Creedon

Free Resources

UnglueYou® is all about helping women, going through significant changes in their lives, careers and relationships, get unstuck. By working out who you are and what you want, so you can reclaim your identity and reconnect to your purpose. That’s why we enjoy providing free resources that support this goal.

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Have the confidence to ‘Blow Your Own Trumpet’

Women, do not be embarrassed or lack the confidence to blow your own trumpet.  Humility doesn't mean hiding your success I co-facilitate workshops in schools. One of the exercises is like a psychometric test designed for young people to help them identify their...

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